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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 24%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
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Robert De Niro as The Pope
Gina Carano as Kris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matt-48849 5 / 10

Head scratch-er

Why invest in A list actors if you're also going to put them next to actors who couldn't pull off an Arby's commercial? Why invest in quality actors and then give them 3 minutes of screen time? Why introduce a main character as the initial criminal mastermind, and then morph him into a knuckle dragging moron? Why allow a script with nonsensical details go forward? Are you THAT lazy? OK...is JD Morgan's character Diniro's son? Is the sick kid his grandchild?

This movie was a hot mess.

Reviewed by Turtle Heart 1 / 10

Unwatchable Cartoon Action exposes JD Morgan

JD Morgan gets a lot of work. His work is unwatchable, not credible, and it is just strange that he is actually employed as an actor. He only plays himself. He is not an actor, just someone who grins for a camera. Each and every part he appears in he plays the same one dimensional character. Robert diNero of course has such a great reputation, I wanted to watch even with Morgan on board. I could not finish this work of claptrap. I came away believing DiNero is finished. His last several films have all be unwatchable. He looks like an old burned out alcoholic in this film. Stiff. Emaciated. Shrivelled up. The plot? There is a casino. It gets robbed, in part to save a sick little girl yeah, right), the robbers get on a big bus that is followed by a million police. The supporting cast is useless and forgettable when they are not being obnoxious. The plot is impossible, well beyond suspension of disbelief to the point where one wonders how drunk and/or stoned the people who green-lighted this pretentious nonsense? This film is a nail on the coffin of a declining Robert DiNero. JD Morgan proves he is a ghost without talent; it would be great to say something good about a film like this, but I just can't. Don't waste your time. RIP Robert DiNero.

Reviewed by ivan55 5 / 10

Bad Camera Equipment

I don't know if they used DSLRs or something similar to record, but the quality of the lenses they used is horrible. Blurry images everywhere. People record better quality YouTube videos of product reviews these days, and this is a film. The acting is not very good either, looks pretty fake unfortunately.

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