Heavy Traffic


Animation / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 2358


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Ralph Bakshi as Various Characters
Michael Brandon as Voice characterization
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Irishmoviereviewer 1 / 10

There's a lack of story in this!

I felt that this movie was rather stupid than "an underrated gem" as some reviewer described it.

There was no story in this at all, all you see is women sticking their boobs out, people taking drugs, men's pants going down and seeing their penises.

What do they have in meaning? Absouletely nothing!

Yeah I know the cartoonist is the lead character but, he ain't doing a good job really.

I would definitely give this movie a 0/10 if I had the chance to do on here! It's lame, rubbish and just again, it has no meaning.

Reviewed by CathodeRayTubesRock 4 / 10

Unpleasant people doing unpleasant things to each other

First off, I don't give a damn about political correctness so no points off. Second, I grew up in the inner city so no points off for grittiness.

However, I do want to watch a movie with something interesting to say other than people are mean to each other and out for their own self-interest. That's 90 percent of the movie. His dad is a POS Italian misogynistic womanizer works for the mob. His mom is a bitter Jewish shrew. He's just a lost asshole animator who wants to sell "Wizards".

Feel free to watch it if you're wasted and want to watch some poorly drawn violent dark stupidity.

Oh, btw, everything is excusable since Bakshi is making a statement about society. Sure. His "statement" about society is that it's violent and sucks.

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 9 / 10

Probably the best adult cartoon you'll ever see, that could stop traffic

An adult cartoon movie with smarts that rates higher than Fritz. This is the best adult cartoon I've ever seen, though also what I like here, is our main character Michael and his girl are also seen a little in human form as well. 22 year old virginal Michael (there's a few floating around) is a gifted cartoonist, who's just ain't cutting it with the ladies, and I could identify with that too, watching the character in human form, in what little screen time, here was offered. Michael's father is in the mafia, and is out all hours with tarts. He brings one big momma home, who nearly crushes him. He makes out with a young girl on a rooftop, where it doesn't really go as planned. But he's after a special woman, a black bartender/stripper named Carol. She's pestered by legless bouncer on a skateboard, called Shorty- yeah, catchy. He's a got a skinny as a rake mother, who's fed up with her boozing and womanizing husband. She's one of those real doting types, and pampers Michael with things, among him, big breakfast's. Michael is a likable character, and it's the well devised characters that really make Heavy Traffic work. There's just a lot more here than the other adult cartoon films. I like it, cause it really has smarts, the way it exaggerate moments around the story, whether it be, slurping spaghetti, doused with bird poo, or receiving one hell of a breakfast. These moments instigate laughter. Also, we can't forget that transvestite. Fu-nny. HT is very original, has morals, messages, and some over bloody moments too. Even though it's cartoon violence, I do find it still affecting. The animation is better too, and brighter. Scarborough Fair, somehow had me questioning, "Why that song". Heavy Traffic is just a higher scale quality film to the score of other Bashki films. Sorry Fritz.

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