Heaven Knows What


Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sgcim 7 / 10

This actually took place in Bayonne, not Manhattan?

Just saw this on Netflix, and I thought it was extremely well done, but it just didn't seem like most of the things that happened in the film could have taken place in the Manhattan of today. Too much of it took place right in the open, and I don't see how that could go on in the Police/Tourist State Manhattan has become, as the result of 24 years of the dictatorships of Giuliani and Bloomberg.

A film like Panic In Needle Park was done before the gentrification of Manhattan, so its Manhattan setting was quite believable, but the author of the 'book' this was based on, Ms. Holmes, said in an interview that most of the incidents this was based on were taken from her life in Bayonne, NJ. The brothers that made this flick met Ms. Holmes on the subway while she was doing some type of apprenticeship in the Diamond District.

I suppose that Ms. Holmes decided to set, "Mad Love in NYC" in NYC, because who would care about a book called "Mad Love in Bayonne"?

I had just seen "My Beautiful Broken Brain", and it seems to be a trend of having beautiful women who have gone through bad ordeals, starring in films about said ordeals. If both of these movies were about unattractive women, I doubt they would have had any marketability, hence probably wouldn't be made, but hey, it worked in my case; I wouldn't have watched either movie if their stars weren't so gorgeous!

Reviewed by j_ack 1 / 10

Awful film - truly awful

This is one of the worst films I've ever watched. I cannot believe they made a film on this topic for a start. They then managed to top that with one of the worst storyline and some of the strangest characters ever. This is a truly strange film from start to finish where none of the characters are remotely likable. Truly a mess and utterly dreadful from start to finish. I cannot believe how highly rated this film is, absolutely shockingly bad. Stay well away is my suggestion. Nothing good about this film. Would give it 0/10 if I could.

Reviewed by Joe Havermann 10 / 10

Emotionally raw film that defies the limitations of its budget

Although it follows the lives of a group of young, homeless heroin addicts in New York, this deeply unsettling film is far removed from the typical Hollywood "junkie flick." I have known people like the characters it depicts, and I was immediately struck by the film's raw authenticity. Only later did I learn that the directors hit on the idea for the film after befriending (becoming infatuated with?) Arielle Holmes, the lead actor who was then living on the streets; they encouraged her to write about her experiences, paying her by the page, and eventually convinced her to star along with her friends in a film adaptation of her writing. Despite what has been charitably described as a "nano budget," "Heaven Knows What" is extremely well made. The score creates a sense of unease, and every shot in the film is expertly framed.

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