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Channing Tatum as Aaron
Ewan McGregor as Kenneth
Gina Carano as Mallory Kane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blrnani 6 / 10

Realistic fighting by a real fighter

This is a vehicle for former MMA star Gina Carano, ably supported by Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum, Michael Douglas, Michael Fassbender and Antonio Banderas. Despite probable debut nerves, Gina handles herself quite well in such celebrated company. Like Tinker, Tailor... the film is not about acting charisma but focused on the story and all the characters just serve to push it along. The plot is a fairly standard blackops agent set up and the scene is nicely set for the sequel it probably deserves. Does Kenneth actually die? Before killing him, does Mallory extract shocking new information from Rodrigo (or does his new wife even manage to save him)? Does she go after Studer next and bring down his crime syndicate? And is Coblenz as innocent as he makes out, or just using her to clean up a trail that actually leads back to him? These are all loose ends that could be exploited before one even bothers to think up a new adventure, whether working for the government or independently. Good luck with that Gina :o)

Reviewed by Hotblack Desiato 8 / 10

Great Action Thriller with Star-Studded Cast

This movie is one of the biggest surprises. I was interested it as soon as it was made public that Gina Carano would star in it. I have been a Carano fans since her days in StrikeForce and wanted to see if she can make a successful transition to the movies, and not fall flat like so many other martial artists before her. Although I knew Soderbergh directed this one, I didn't think much of it, was simply hoping for a spy thriller with decent martial arts action. And then I read the reviews and saw the somewhat low rating and didn't really give it a shot.

So 6 years have passed and I finally got to watching it, and boy, was I wrong to initially dismiss it. It might not have been in the vein as the Bourne movies, James Bond or almost any modern spy- covert ops movie, but the difference between most of those and Haywire is that Haywire looks stunningly authentic. The action scenes, especially the close quarters hand-to-hand combat is phenomenal. I knew Gina was chosen because of her MMA prowess, but she exceeds every expectation. All fight scenes are beautifully choreographed and make for an exciting experience. The other actors have done no less and tried to do as good as Gina, and it's visible.

I fully enjoyed how Soderbergh presents a great number of longs shots without any background music, only small clicks and sounds straight from the environment, which further hypes the situation. I don't think I have ever seen a movie like this, that tries to create an atmosphere without bombastic music and sound effects, instead it just lets you watch the action and immerses you into it with great camera work, great storytelling and wonderful pacing. Watching this makes you present in the whole endeavor and the struggles of the protagonist. It seems shockingly authentic the entire time, which makes it really fascinating.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy a good movie, with a good premise and very stylized execution. I wasn't really aware this was a Soderbergh movie until the second long shot. His directing is really appropriate for this kind of movie. The supporting cast consists of Hollywood A-listers who can act and fight, which is a short list, but one that shines throughout the movie. Definitely worth a watch or two.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10

Some retirement plan

Haywire has Gina Carrano who is a private contracting secret agent who has a confrontation with colleague Channing Tatum at a diner which gets ugly when he tries to force her to go with him. A kid played by Michael gallantly intervenes and saves her. But he hardly realizes what he's gotten himself into.

Turns out Carrano had just gotten home from missions in Barcelona and Dublin and it was in the latter she was set up for a murder. The only question is which of her colleagues betrayed her. As it turns out she was planning to leave the agency and someone thought she was expendable. Some retirement plan.

Half the film is in flashback as Carrano tells her tale to her new ally Angerano and the other half trying to identify her betrayer.

I wasn't terribly impressed with the film overall though it does have some moments. Things get a bit incoherent at times with the story. I did however love her final confrontation scene with her betrayer and how said betrayer meets his demise.

Michael Douglas and Antonio Banderas are in this and have the look of men happy their paychecks cleared.

Not the best spy thriller out there.

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