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Stephen McHattie as Pale Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by re-animatresse 6 / 10

all substance, no style

i have all of zero filmmaking experience, but i expect mystery suspense-thrillers would be among the most difficult genres to direct due to the problem of diminishing marginal entertainability — that is to say, once the questions posed to the viewer by the story have been answered, the mystery upon further viewings is rendered substantially less intriguing. you won't be gripping your seat in anxious anticipation the second time around, because you already -know- what's going to happen

a good mystery makes up for this in aspects of atmosphere, style and character development. that's what makes cult classics like Candyman or Dark City or classic giallos by Dario Argento and Mario Bava so successful, and what Haunter is sorely lacking in

worth watching at at least once for the unique story idea, it's well-acted and scripted with decent camera work and an adequate, minimalist score; bright lights and fog machines comprise the bulk of what the film has to offer in terms of atmosphere, though. director Vincenzo Natali takes few chances with this one, the end result being an entertaining but sterile, made-for-TV-feeling film that few viewers will likely want to watch again

Reviewed by themellly 1 / 10

What did I just watch

I just finished watching Haunter based on the number of good reviews on here (I actually didn't remember seeing any bad reviews) and now I'm really questioning if we all watched the same movie. There was zero character explanation, zero character development which left the story dry. While watching I was left so confused, left with so many unanswered questions. Things would constantly happen without any explanation why. There was no explanation or reasoning for anything that happened in the film. I never write reviews, but this film was the worst I have ever seen. It's not thriller, it's not horror, it's definitely a lot a mystery (not in a good way), it's just straight up BORING.

Reviewed by dobbiesautographs 8 / 10

confused , but content

at first this film reminded me of most 80's horror movies I.E , not much happening in the first hour or so , but when the movie starts to tie together WOW - very original and very well acted , the story line was so well written and deep , I won't say it had me on the edge of my seat , but it did keep my attention , even though after the first 20 minutes I wasn't sure it would , but I am glad I stuck with it , sometimes it does pay off and you get to watch something surprisingly good. if you are a fan of psychological rather than all action slasher , then this is a film for you - think of groundhog day meets the others , and you will get my drift .

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