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John Wayne as Sean Mercer
Red Buttons as Pockets
Bruce Cabot as Little Wolf aka The Indian
Eduard Franz as Dr. Sanderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by buntfutter 1 / 10

From today's perspective just simple and pure animal cruelty

A lot of animals suffered during the process of making this movie. You can watch them being dragged, chained and detained. I couldn't watched it longer after 50 minutes and was optimistic to be well entertained at the beginning. Some people reviewed it as a family movie. Sure - if you like going with your children in to the zoo and watching mentally burned animals walking up and down or if you having pig for Christmas dinner after you watched Babe then go for it. But if you really love animals spare yourself watching it.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

The Duke goes to Africa

HATARI! is something a little different for John Wayne fans expecting a typical cowboy-filled western adventure. This one's set in east Africa where Wayne and his team of men go around hunting and capturing wild animals to sell to zoos around the world. Their business is complicated by the arrival of a French girl who stirs up feelings amongst the group. It's a film that's grossly overlong but has some great and realistic action scenes in it, scenes in which the actors really did perform the dangerous captures you see them attempting. The May to December romance stuff is cringe-worthy, but the animals are tame and lovable, particularly those baby elephants at the climax.

Reviewed by electrictroy 2 / 10

Animal cruelty

I realize this represents hunting in the 1950s, but I still find it objectionable. They could have used darts filled with tranquilizers to capture the animals humanely.

Also the plot is nearly non-existent (so was the script, since most of the scenes are ad-libbed). I won't be watching this movie a second time .

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