Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Action / Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
IMDb Rating 7.7 10 450627


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David Tennant as Bartemius 'Barty' Crouch Junior
Emma Watson as Hermione Granger
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christone1989 . 2 / 10

Terrible SJW Liberal Cuck Propaganda For "Diversity"

This movie horridly bombards you with liberal cuck multicultarism propaganda. Why do they feel the need to force include other ethnic races into this movie??? Would it really matter if the entire cast was white???? Seeing ethnic races in this movie just ruins the immersion of magic and fantasy. Watch this movie, and just look at the background actors and how hard they are promoting "Multiculturalism".

Inter-racial Relationship propaganda. Not ONCE, Not Twice, but through out the entire movie it is FORCED upon your eyes. Harry gets the hots for an Asian girl, Weasley Brothers ask out a black girl, Harry ends up going to ball dance with a disgusting Poo in the Loo Indian girl right after he got cucked by Hermione who ended up going with some Slavic Bulgarian d0uchebag guy who she has never even met. You would think that after all the past books and things Harry and Hermione went through together that they would become lovers, but NOPE, not in JK Rowlings world......

You know.... I am sad... because here I am rooting for Harry Potter my favorite hero, and he is getting cucked.....

Dumbledore..... the Irish actor who replaced the previous Dumbledore is TERRIBLE. Dumbledore is supposed to give off an aura of confidence, calmness, and wisdom where as this Irish guy acts like a hot head, and it's not fitting to see a wise powerful wizard lose his cool at mild situations or even in times of danger.

I literally turned this movie off at the Ball Scene where Harry Potter was with that disgusting poo in the loo Indian girl.... that drawed the line for me, I am NOT going to be bombarded by this Liberal Cuck SJW social agenda. You know damn well Harry Potter could have had ANY girl he wanted after defeating that dragon in the tournament ring, but no.... not in JK Rowlings world. By the way, why the h3ll did everyone randomly get mad at Harry in the beginning simply because his name was casted out of the Goblet of Fire???? Like one minute they are his friends, and next, they hate him and pick on him which just really ruined the character development for me. Who are these people??? What kind of best friend turns on in a matter of a second??? Even after proving himself against the dragon, they still treated Harry like he was a piece of 5h1t which just isn't very realistic of how a person would treat someone, especially a hero.

It's a movie that almost drew me in, I loved the idea of the Quiditch World Cup and the Tri-Wizard Deadly Tournament, but the SJW propaganda repulsed me from enjoying this movie.

That's all I gotta say bout that - Forest Gump voice

Reviewed by Faith Marshall 10 / 10


I would like to say straight up front that I do not like the idea of teaching children how to do witchcraft, so I'd normally subtract a star, but the movie surprisingly took over that and was an astonishment!

I know a lot of people compare this to the book, and I will not say which I liked better or which "clearly" wins over the other, but I will say that I was surprised at how good it was. Some parts that I wished to see on screen were left out (such as Colin Creevy and his brother accidentally changing the "POTTER STINKS" badges to "POTTER REALLY STINKS"), but I was surprised at some parts that were kept in, such as Fred and George Weasley crossing the age line around the Goblet of Fire, then being blasted out of the ring and becoming old, along with white hair and beards! Plenty of things were moved around, such as Snape threatening to use his truth potion on Harry so all his secrets would spill out of his mouth. (In the book, he said that while Harry was at the front of his class before the second task, while in the movie, he said that after the second task when Harry was passing through the hallway.) The way things happened in the book made more sense, but that doesn't mean they made no sense in the movie. Some parts, such as Ron having to dance with McGonagall, were added, and surprisingly well-done. I am NOT SAYING THE MOVIE WINS OVER THE BOOK, but one part did--Cedric Diggory's death. When he was returned to Hogwarts and people were screaming, Cedric's dad was freaking out when he saw Cedric had died, shouting, "That's my son!" which was not in the book. The words echoed in my ears and gave a heavy impact.

The acting was fabulous. Though everyone did a great job, I'd probably have to say Emma Watson and Alan Rickman did the best. Emma Watson's acting as Hermione seemed organic and realistic, like she was actually Hermione. Not that Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint were bad--again, everyone did a great job--but out of the three main student protagonists, she was the best. Though Snape didn't have a large role in this movie, Alan Rickman still emphasizes Snape's depth.

The action was more exciting than ever, and the music seemed a bit odd at first, but it was likable. Some parts, such as the maze, made absolutely no sense; it seemed the only "problem" with the maze was its walls crashing in.

With the acting and surprisingly good changes from the book, this movie was amazing. Even though teaching witchcraft is a horrible idea, if you ignore that and look at the phenomenal rest of the movie, it is 10/10 stars.

Reviewed by morganstephens512 7 / 10

The one that sets up the tone

This movie is very different from the first three in the series. The entire movie shows that the fun and happy adventure that were in the first three movies is not really what is going to stick around the whole time. The entire movie sets up Voldemort and his introduction was one of the best things in the entire series. He has a great introduction in this movie and all four events shown in this movie were really well done and great to watch and it does have a lot of great eye candy to it for lack of a better term. The actors really start to get good in this movie and this is the first movie that goes outside of Hogwarts and while Hogwarts doesn't really feel like a different character anymore, it is sacrificed for the series feeling like a much larger world of its own from this point forward.

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