Harlock: Space Pirate


Action / Adventure / Animation / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by goodkinginc 10 / 10

Wonderful Film

I never watched the TV show or read the cartoon but I really enjoyed this. Maybe it's because I had no source material to go by. I loved the CGI. I don't understand all the negative reviews beyond the fact this it's probably due to people who are diehard fans feeling let down. The look of the film in great and I liked the story.

Reviewed by sylvan_66 8 / 10

Albator, of my youth.

The year is 2017, I've just finished watching Harlock's end-credits, and I recall watching televised episodes of Capitaine Albator in the far gone days of my youth thinking that by the 2010's space travel would hopefully be as ubiquitous and spaceships as slickly designed and cool as the blue-plated 'Arcadia' or 'Atlantis' as the French aptly dubbed her (she's a girl btw, as all pirate ships are!).

I now realize that I will never fly in space, not even in a leaky pod, let alone in a Yamato-style battleship with a death's-head ramming headpiece and clouds of dark-matter billowing behind during interstellar jumps or defensive maneuvers. Yet this film exactly recreated this action in such a phenomenal way, that I will not need to. There is the core concept of a classic space opera, in a few lines. Story and character-wise, there are strong resemblances to the pirate-heroes of old, such that I will forgive the sketchy story- line and the less-than developed personalities. There was certainly enough movie-time here, and I would have been inclined to flesh out & not diverge too much from the crew of the original series, but hopefully after a masterpiece of space artistry such as this, more will come in the near future. After all, the Japanese are well known for not sticking too closely to a particular story-line, so if captain Harlock is broodingly awaiting to be called back to action, I would urge him to polish his boots and feed the bird. Time flies, and we eagerly await!

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 7 / 10

An impressive CGI animated adventure...

I didn't know what "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" (aka "Kyaputen Hârokku") was about. It caught my attention because of it being a Japanese CGI animated movie. So I sat down to watch it without any knowledge of what this was about or what I was in for.

It turned out that "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" was a really, really enjoyable animated movie. The storyline was quite good, and had lots of interesting aspects and characters to it. And the movie was superbly augmented by some amazing CGI. I am just a sucker for these types of animated movies, especially when they are done as well as this, or such as the "Resident Evil" and "Final Fantasy" CGI animated movies for example.

I will not delve into relaying the storyline here, because there are many aspects and levels to it, so you should really experience it for yourself to fully appreciate the many nuances to the story.

"Space Pirate Captain Harlock" has a good character gallery, and these characters are easily recognized and distinguishable, because they have very different personalities, traits, quirks and such.

As I mentioned earlier, the CGI in "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" is just amazing. I love the attention to detail in every single scene, be it details on the background, on the outfits, on the characters beings, etc. There level of detail is just astounding, and it looks so realistic, whilst still keeping that CGI animated touch to it.

There is a good flow to the storyline and it keeps a good pace throughout the entire length of the movie, and it doesn't get boring at any time. So this is entertaining from the beginning right up to the end.

The voice acting in the movie was good, and I will, of course, recommend that you watch the original Japanese version, although the English dubbed version is also quite adequate.

I was more than genuinely surprised with "Space Pirate Captain Harlock", and it is definitely an animated movie which can be watched more than just once, because there is a lot to the storyline. But the CGI is actually so impressive in itself that it deserves a second viewing for that alone.

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