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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Predrag 7 / 10

"Cause she don't do fossils for freeeee"

This 1984 classic exceeds all expectations - story of the quest for "Hardbodies" never takes itself too seriously and holds up just as well today as the day it was made - this movie has a lot of good laughs and one liners - also, Steve Gold should have won an Academy Award for his portrayal of "Farnsey", a scene stealing, robe wearing, toupee loving womanizer who is introduced during the film's final act. It's one of those mindless movies where boy meets girl and they fall in love, but the boy meets these older rich guys and tries to teach them how to score with younger babes! Plenty of beach bikini babes and some fun sexy love scenes. The young actors are attracted and it's just a feel good movie.

The synopsis of the film is three middle aged men in mid-life crises rent a beach house and are having absolutely no success in scoring with the beautiful young women on the beach. So they acquire the help of a young stud to show them how to succeed with these hotties. But one of these guys turns into a jerk and puts the moves on the young stud's girlfriend. Eventually the jerk gets his (come)-uppance, and our hero gets his girl back. Quite a fascinating story-line, huh? The only actor of any note whatsoever in this film is goofy looking redheaded Courtney Gaines, who also starred in Children Of The Corn and Can't Buy Me Love, and had a small part in Back To The Future. Also, there's an early appearance by girl rock group, Vixen, before they grew their hair out and had some success as a metal act in the late 80's!

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by Uriah43 5 / 10

Mildly Entertaining

"Scotty" (Grant Cramer) is a young man who has a definite gift when it comes to talking to the ladies. So much so that he has recently hooked up with a great girlfriend named "Kristi" (Teal Roberts). But even so, that doesn't stop him from flirting with the opposite sex every chance he gets. It's during one of those times that his amazing abilities are observed by three middle-aged men who essentially beg him to teach them how to pick up beach babes—or what he refers to as "hardbodies". At first he declines but after being kicked out of his apartment for failing to pay rent he agrees for a set dollar amount and free room and board. What he doesn't take into consideration is just how unscrupulous one of these men actually is and the lengths he will go to in order to achieve his goals. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a decent representative of the "summer beach" sub-genre which enjoyed particular success in the early-60's before dying out a few years later and then reemerging in the late-70's and early-80's. The difference between the two eras being that the earlier films centered more on music, surfing and swimsuits whereas the latter focuses more directly on sex and partial nudity. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing as I suppose this evolution in film was probably inevitable due to the change in generations and social norms. Be that as it may, this movie contained both some light humor and several attractive ladies wearing skimpy attire to keep it mildly interesting and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Average.

Reviewed by tdrish 4 / 10

Hardbodies may be hot...but no plot!

For its category, Hardbodies is a good movie to watch if you want minimal plot, and you want to countless babes topless. Other then that, this movie doesn't have anything to offer, even the comedy/humor is dumb down a bit, which is sad, because if the laughs existed a little more, I would have given this a better rating. There are a few, how do I say, COOL scenes in the movie...such as a disco ball that lights up over a bed, and there's another cool scene...no, wait, that was the only cool scene, the rest of the movie just plays out like a random T & A nudie montage. If you do like Hardbodies, I can't stress how much you should stay clear away from the sequel, it's a stink fest! The only other good point I can say about this, is the music wasn't too bad in the movie, it brings back the "fun times" memories of the 80's...if you've lived through them, then you sure know what I'm talking about.

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