Hard Times


Action / Crime / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 7988


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James Coburn as Speed
Charles Bronson as Chaney
Bruce Glover as Doty
Jill Ireland as Lucy Simpson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Richie-67-485852 10 / 10

Good Times

Magnificent entertainment across the board. Acting, directing, and story all rise to the heights to deliver a quality experience in movie watching. This is a gem and I don't care how many times you see this movie, you will see it again and again guaranteed. Why? It has memorable scenes that are linked by in-between scenes that make you want to view over and over. They are all well done. The depression brought about the title of the movie i.e. "hard times" but then again, there are always people who survive and some do this in the shadows and by preying on others. This be the case here. A street fighter who is just passing through catches an opportunity to make a few bucks as he only has $6.00 left to his name. He has no fear, hesitation or doubt as to what he can do and he just wants to know what the rules are. He then goes from there. It is interesting to point out that this man used to change truck tires for a living before he hit the road. May I point out that that takes enormous, repetitive effort and strength and over time develops your default muscles to a high-honed state of being. This is how Hercules gained his strength too. When he was a boy, his mother required he lift a baby calf over his head ten times before breakfast of which he gladly and easily did. After and over a time, that calf grew into a huge cow but so did Hercules from all that lifting. So it is with this man who packs a power punch and is lean and fast too. What fools his opponents is he is older than they are thus making for high stakes fighting of which we see plenty of. It is also worth mentioning that two other fight scenes were filmed but not included. If they ever find them and then re-release this, they would make millions as this is a beloved classic to all movie lovers. Enjoy Strother Martin, James Coburn, Charles Bronson and quality supporting actors who just make this all make good sense. Great movie to eat a full course meal by and with a tasty drink and snacks to follow for sure. Hard Times is good times guaranteed.

Reviewed by ajrcvr 9 / 10

Great period piece with good action & characters.

The preeminent characteristic of this movie is that it makes you feel as if you're actually there during these "hard times" of the early 20th century, which pretty much everybody had during those days; worse once the Depression hit. Charles Bronson's character of Chaney is a mysterious man whom we never get to learn too much about - where he comes from, why he wanders about the country, how he got to be as good a fighter as he is - but he definitely developed his persona and expertise from somewhere, and it's best leaving it at that, since how he got to this state is a whole other story, which they don't tell. The story they do tell is about this man who is, appropriately enough, a drifter, travelling by train from one town to the next, making his living with his fists in street fights for pay; and he's very good at it, obviously has been for quite awhile. Chaney lives his life simply, getting along without any complications or sophisticated necessities. He meets up with Speed, a small-time promoter, who can get him into some decent fights. Strother Martin, "Poe" in the story is a friend of Speed's and becomes the medical man (He has 2 years of med school). Chaney has some fights, wins some money, and then is prepared to drift somewhere else again. He is a very cool character and the fight scenes are pretty well done. Having Coburn & Martin as backup characters surely helps the drama in this very well done and expertly directed piece.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 7 / 10

The Mysterious Street Fighter

During the Great Depression, the mysterious drifter Chaney (Charles Bronson) befriends the promoter of illegal street fights Speed (James Coburn) and they go to New Orleans to make money fighting on the streets. Speed is welcomed by his mistress Gayleen Schoonover (Maggie Blye) and invites his former partner Poe (Strother Martin) to team-up with them. Meanwhile Chaney has a love affair with the local Lucy Simpson (Jill Ireland). Speed has a huge debt with the dangerous loan shark Doty (Bruce Glover) and borrows money to promote the fight of Chaney and the local champion Jim Henry (Robert Tessier), who is managed by the also promoter (Michael Mcguire). Casey wins the fight, they make a lot of money but Speed is an addicted gambler and loses his share in the dice table. But Doty wants his money back and Speed's only chance is Chaney accepts to bet his own money that he is saving and fight a winner that Gandil brought from Chicago. Will he accept the challenge?

"Hard Times" is a good film by Walter Hill with the reconstitution of the period of the Great Depression in New Orleans. Charles Bronson and James Coburn have top-notch performances in the role of a mysterious street fighter and a promoter of illegal fights respectively. The character Chaney is not developed and his origins and plans are not disclosed. Did he learn to fight in the prison? The question is not answered and the viewer only knows that he is an outstanding street fighter and loyal friend. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Lutador de Rua" ("Street Fighter")

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