Happy Feet Two


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 36921


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Brad Pitt as Will the Krill
Sofía Vergara as Carmen
Matt Damon as Bill the Krill
Robin Williams as Ramon / Lovelace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by connermills 10 / 10


Perfect movie it was so good since i'm a 11 year old i approve it they should make a 3 in 2018 i was left with too much questions. 10/10. Super great.Awesome movie to made. I hope there is a third one i hope to see one soon. Loved it hope you guys love it so i hope to see another one and i have to go to school so Ya in general really good title

Reviewed by Paul Waaben Ammentorp 7 / 10

Wonderful voices returns, showing us new morals.

A new Happy Feet film? Oh dear, I was really surprised that George Miller, decided to actually make a sequel of the lovely, singing (and dancing) penguins. But can I hate him for that? No way! Happy Feet is one of my all time favorite animated films, so I was defiantly going to watch this. And I gotta say, the movie still leaves a smile on me.

This is a spoiler review, so be aware.

So Mumble has a son, and we already learn that he is going through some small difficulties, about being different. But that's only in the beginning. Later on, it's like that he had what he needed all along, but it's as if they wanted us to remember, how Mumble was feeling in the first film. I was afraid that they would give us, the same kind of plot from the previous movie. Thankfully, we don't. Erik just needs to find something, that can prove to himself that he does have some talent. And by doing that through the new character, Sven, he leads us to new stories that caught me interested, as we get to see humans again.

And now to the other plot of the movie. The penguins of the Emperor Penguin world are stuck, behind a gigantic glacier and they need to get them out of there. By doing so, the movie shows us how the different breeds of penguins helps them out, the power of teamwork with not just the same race, but along with the walruses too, in which the conflict between Mumble and the walrus, Bryan, seemed to have made something.

Also, the sub-plot of Will and Bill the Krills are adoring. Its good to see that certain characters in the movie, wants to learn more about the situations they live in, and are prepared for.

The movie is well made to be loved, by all family members. But it's as if they didn't think, of a reasonable plot to give some morals to the audience. They make sure that the audience do understand it, and that's good. But whenever I just compare it to the first film, it's clear that they were perhaps having a bit difficulty, of how to progress this film.

I have to say though, the songs in this movie is performed extraordinary, in which I get shivers down my spine each time. And I always love when movies can make certain impacts on me, so that's why that this is still a fun and lovable movie for me. They teach us more morals that we can understand, and it's well enough made for children to understand that too. It's not a bad movie, but I think they could have worked better on some things.

Reviewed by mohsin70979 6 / 10

Although the plot is very predictable and the characters very unappealing but it has its moments.

The kids will love it because of couple of sing along songs and a few good laughs; but for adults there is not much in this movie. Same old theme we've seen in many animated movies before. A guy who is different, is lonely, is a misfit and ends up saving his own folks. The pros of the movie are the music and the upbeat songs which can really get you going particularly'the mighty Sven'. Hank Azaria's voice over for Sven is marvelous and is one of his better performances in recent times.It appears that the movie was made in a haste. Many characters such Bill and Will are completely superfluous and uninteresting. If it's supposed to be an animated movie then why aren't the humans animated.

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