Happy Feet


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Music / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
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Nicole Kidman as Norma Jean
Brittany Murphy as Gloria
Hugh Jackman as Memphis
Robin Williams as Ramon / Lovelace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by algancan2 4 / 10

Not a Very Good One

People think that this film is a great animation film but there are many other animation films out there which are way more creative in terms of storyline and characters. I hate to see those films being rated down because some "kids" didn't liked it or didn't understood it...

Reviewed by classicsoncall 8 / 10

"For all our sakes, you must stop this freakiness with the feet!"

If you watch this film in tandem with 2005's "March of the Penguins", you'll be amazed to discover that the film makers for this animated movie got a lot of the science about Emperor Penguins exactly right. I'm talking about the breeding habits, the 'heartsong' business, care for the egg by the male penguin and how they survive those brutal, wintery conditions by rotating huddled bodies in and out against fierce windstorms. Since I saw 'March' not long ago, those thoughts are still fresh in my mind, so it's easy to make the comparison.

For kids, this has to be a generally warm and fuzzy movie, though for impressionable youngsters, there's also some danger present with predatory hunting birds, leopard seals and a particularly clever, though brutal badminton game played by killer sharks with two of the film's penguin heroes. Fortunately, all the picture's 'good guys' make it through to the end in fine form.

Somehow though, there seems to be some sort of disconnect with the way the picture arrives at it's conclusion. With a plot element involving the disappearance of the penguins primary food source, and a connection made to 'alien' human beings as the cause, there's a hasty resolution to the problem whereby the world community gets on board with the penguins plight and everything is made good again. I didn't see that connection, and I don't think you will either, but if you can disregard that inconsistent flaw, you'll probably have a good time with those colorful Emperor penguins and the clever animation.

Reviewed by raybradley-376-354961 4 / 10

Animated films are too much

The unhappy young Mumble runs into 5 small Latino penguins from another penguin colony and the adventure takes off. The story line cuts back and forth between the fish shortage environmental mystery and Mumble's attempt to be attractive to Gloria, his love interest. Along the way he runs into penguin eating birds and penguin eating mammals and almost alien-like man made machines.

This is a musical comedy animation and the songs are classic rock and the dance routines are Broadway-theater clever and these songs and dances never stop throughout the film.

Mumble is a loser in the eyes of his peers, and feels a lot of pain. But he is also heroic and brave and optimistic and he never gives up. Those traits do not let him down. Mumble can pass on an important message to young people. It's your attitude that can carry you through successfully in life. It is not always about physical attributes and physical beauty.

Robin Williams voices Ramon, one of the small Latino penguins, and also Lovelace, the film-flam psychic of the Latino penguin colony. Robin Williams' two characters are over the top which is perfect for the normally over the top Robin Williams. This comedic element keeps the film from taking its adult themes too seriously.

FYI – There is a Truly Moving Pictures web site where there is a listing of past Truly Moving Picture Award winners that are now either at the theater or available on video.

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