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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Moons-creation 1 / 10

Struggling to watch

After 20 minutes, I was completely bored. The characters are glum and the whole thing is just childish. Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by ilyalubovich 2 / 10

Cheap. Cheesy. Bad.

See above and don't waste your time. Since when is it legitimate for a woman to have an insane amount of requests from a relationship which a man is supposed to fulfil. What has she done for him? Perhaps it's time for us to reconsider the usual gendered expectations from relationships. This will make people less selfish.

Cinematographically speaking, the acting in this movie is rather poor. The plot is thin and corny. The screenwriters' attempt to capture the complexities of Y-generation relationships absolutely fails. Neither the story nor the acting are convincing.

Reviewed by neener3707 4 / 10

Did Some Things Right But Didn't Keep Me Interested

While it did nail the volatility of these kinds of relationships, it unfortunately lacks the depth that could have made it so good. Basically it follows the story of an unhappy relationship on its 3rd anniversary, where the couple reminisces and decides whether they should break up or not. So the plot is paper thin, but that wouldn't have mattered with a solid set of characters and a deep story. But unfortunately it just didn't keep me interested. I initially was interested because have been in a similar volatile relationship, but I found it to be very shallow, mostly focusing on the volatility rather than the deep character related emotions that cause it, also not focusing enough on why they loved each other in the first place, which plays a large role in such immense relationship related decisions.

The characters were not necessarily one dimensional, but each of them had qualities that should have been more fleshed out, fleshing them out would have led to a much more interesting and compelling story. The chemistry was slightly there among the couple, the chemistry among the cast as a whole is nothing special and not really there. The film just wasn't deep and compelling, and it failed to keep me interested, and to be honest I didn't watch the ending, because I simply just wasn't invested in the story or characters. I wouldn't really reccomend this one.

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