Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters


Action / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 175441


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Gemma Arterton as Gretel
Famke Janssen as Muriel
Jeremy Renner as Hansel
Peter Stormare as Sheriff Berringer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tweetienator 8 / 10

A Guilty Pleasure, but a Good One

Gemma and Jeremy are the coolest cats in town or respective in all the fairylands hunting witches not only in the witching hours. I really enjoyed this movie, that provides us with a ton of fresh ideas, spicing and shaking up the good old Grimm tale, mocking with mindless fun all fairy tales and vampire stories and the like ever written or put into motion pictures.

Hansel & Gretel, a guilty pleasure for sure, but also popcorn cinema in the best sense, of course, no new Inception and no aspirant for an Oscar but fun enough to watch this movie more than just once, and still giggling and laughing in certain scenes and admiring the makeup-art of the witches, the cinematography, and the full action mode.

A movie the Wizard of Oz would be proud of. And last but not least, Gemma is the most beautiful witch hunter ever.

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 8 / 10

An interesting idea with a good implementation

When they were kids, Hansel and Gretel were abandoned by their father in the nearby forest, ending up defeating the witch from the candy cottage. After that event, thanks to their powers, they become witch hunters, swearing to bring every evil witch to justice, no matter where she was hiding. Thus, they are recruited by a town's mayor to investigate a kidnapping spree which seemed without ending. Armed with courage, weapons and a bit of help from some locals, they begin their quest of eliminating the source of evil which lurked without any hitch.

It's an enjoyable and funny parody of the famous Hansel & Gretel story which seems determined to do anything to entertain. It manages to do so, mostly, due to its humor, intense action, combat and story. It combines sophisticated guns with a world in which people live in cottages and read printed newspapers...what a mix! As a parody, it doesn't pay attention to details, the characters are very simplistic and it's story is linear, but despite its problems, it is a good movie which provides a good dose of adrenaline and entertainment whenever needed.

Reviewed by amiranda-39274 8 / 10

Best witch movie ever!

This movie is so underrated, every October me and my sisters watch this movie, and it gets us pumped! this movie takes the traditional Hansel and Gretel, they even show it at the beginning, and they expand upon it, forwarding to when their both adults and are now professional witch hunters. Let me just say they picked two people who are believably bad ass, Jeremy renner aka Hawk eye is so awesome, hes got a machine gun wielding girlfriend, an awesome jacket, an awesome gun and hes very funny too. Gemma arteron is one of the most gorgeous actors I've ever seen, and in this movie she is equally bad ass as renner, maybe even a little more, and its not like i care too much, but I'm very happy they didn't make her a Mary sue, where shes some unstoppable death machine, they do show her being hurt, and beaten up a lot,reasonably, but that doesn't stop her from kicking butt through out the entire movie! honestly, the movie is a satire, and cheesy sometimes, for instance both Hansel and Gretel should be in body castes at least by the end. But the atmosphere created with the sets and filmography is beautiful, it leaves me in awe, the practical effects are awesome, the witches look so horrifyingly good and original, their practical makeup must have took hours, special effects are very realistic, the action scenes are breathtaking,the side characters are likable, and the plot is very interesting. However, i could have lived without most of the cuss words, and maybe less gore, i mean its not Tarantino levels, but still. This is the kind of the movie that will have you cheering and going " whoa!", every time you see the 2 characters pose, and the ending is just bad A**. i love this film, and i know you will too,watch it this October.

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