Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 6%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 7717


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Al Pacino as Detective Archer
Brittany Snow as Christi Davies
Sarah Shahi as Captain Lisa Watson
Karl Urban as Detective Ruiney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matthijsalexander 5 / 10

Movie that made me want to hang myself, mán.....!

The synopsis/script is very promising, my expectations were high. A good murder mystery, a story with a twist. bring it on! Hangman, who doesn't know the game? Who hasn't played it at one point. An original idea. Combine that with a serial killer, and one has ingredients for a good thriller........

Unfortunately it turned out to be one big disappointment.

The main problem is unbelievably bad acting, utterly unconvincing. The police captain, Shahi, needs to win an award for most unconvincing role ever. Karl Urban, the lead, wasn't convincing either and portrayed a cliché Detective. And all that reflects on legend Al Pacino and the movie as a whole.

The script. The story has many holes in it and isn't quite affluent. They tried to connect dots without connecting them, or make a rather unbelievable assumption that leads to the next clue.

Unfortunately a B-Movie to me. Watchable, but wouldn't recommend it.

Reviewed by thejoudblitz 3 / 10

I want to see a movie made by professionals, not this.

In this film you will find exceptionally bad acting. Even the two heavy-weight names of Hollywood, Pacino and Urban can only do so much with the terrible script. Like in other flicks similar to this one, the makers probably meant to give a realistic edge to their storytelling, by having half the people stutter, filming the car chase like a YouTube video, or having the actors stare into nothing with a thoughtful (dumb) expression on their faces.

Whoever gave the director/editor/writer of "Hangman" money for this abomination, next time give that money to me please, I promise not to flush it down the toilet.

Two extra stars for Al and Karl, I love you guys.

Reviewed by pepo_wicked 4 / 10

Major disappointment

Well, i'm a big Pacino fan and I think i've seen all his movies (some of them more than once), but Hangman just left a bad taste. Pacino just seemed to me very tired and his performance shockingly weak.

Let's just say that the 4.9 score on IMDb is very indulgent. Overall Hangman is not an extraordinary movie, incomparable with others on the same genre.

A movie that can be watchable (once).

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