Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Paul Rudd as Tommy Doyle
Kim Darby as Debra Strode
Donald Pleasence as Dr. Loomis
Mitchell Ryan as Dr. Wynn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lorcan-61881 3 / 10

Only God knows..only God knows why this happened

Halloween 5 was not very successful at the box office only being screened in certain cinemas, with that very last ending story being left for six years until Halloween 6 was finally in production. Halloween 6 was then released in the year of 1995, just a year before Scream. The film follows Michael Myers and why he murders people..no joke. Halloween 6 is most likely the worst installment to the Halloween series, it actually shits on the whole series making it sooooo less scary, it actually reveals why Michael just kills people, this story was obviously conceived after Halloween 4 made its money while Debra Hill was working on it, why the heck did you not do anything Debra, WHY??!! The film also feels like its about a day long and then when you reach the end of course, we all know what happens, I won't spoil but for heaven's sake, this film was bad. Halloween 6 is just, its just..no, ok, NO!!

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 3 / 10

No terror, fear or thrills to this curse

John Carpenter's 1978 'Halloween' is wholly deserving of its status as a horror classic. To this day it's still one of the freakiest films personally seen and introduced the world to one of horror's most iconic villainous characters Michael Myers.

Which is why it is such a shame that not only are all of the sequels nowhere near as good but that the decline in quality is so drastic. Ok, the original 'Halloween' is very difficult to follow on from, but most of the sequels could at least looked like effort was made into them. 'Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers' is a prime example of this, a film with very little to recommend and just very poorly done in many areas.

Starting with the very few good things, Paul Rudd and Donald Pleasance, in his last film before his death from heart failure not long after (although his screen time is far too short and was clearly severely truncated), come off in a good way in the acting department.

The exploding head death is a pretty fun one and the setting is eerie. As far as praises go, that is it.

'Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers' was directed by someone who had an apparent dislike for Pleasance, the main reason for his limited screen time most likely, and had no interest in directing the film or the 'Halloween' series in general, and it shows loud and clear on screen. Even the direction in 'Season of the Witch' and 'Halloween 5' wasn't this indifferent or inept.

Sadly the effectiveness of the setting, which actually is eerie, is hindered by the filming and editing being pretty amateurish, the photography often is far too dark and drab and the editing makes bacon-slicer-like editing seem coherent in comparison. The music, like the previous film, is here a drawback when it was one of the better elements of the first four films. Here it sounds cheap, goofy and would have sounded out of date even in the 80s most likely.

Everything looks, sounds and feels like it was made in a rush and with absolutely no heart, accounting for the constant sense of incompleteness. There is nothing scary or suspenseful, it's unintentionally campy, uncomfortably strange and by the numbers with a convoluted story that makes no sense whatsoever, an abrupt ending, dull pacing and the man in black/cult plot that is just bizarre and just muddles everything. Michael Myers is just not creepy enough and looks goofy.

Very like the previous sequel, there is nothing interesting or endearing about the characters (though none are quite as annoying as Tina in 'Halloween 5'). The script especially sounds incomplete and the acting, apart from Rudd and Pleasance (whose screen time, as said, is far too short), is subpar to put it lightly. J.C. Brandy is a pretty poor replacement for Danielle Harris.

Overall, don't expect any terror, scares, fear or thrills here, you'll be disappointed. 3/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by marieltrokan 9 / 10

All characters and all objects in Halloween 6 get shown identically to each other

In Halloween 6, specifically in the movie's theatrical cut, visual beauty is connected to the lack of purpose. Lack of purpose is one way of looking at it, the lack of movement is a more literal way of looking at it.

If the opposite of purpose has been connected to the purpose of observation, it stands to reason that purpose has been connected to the opposite of observation. The opposite of observation is the opposite of intrigue, and it's the opposite of interest.

Interest, is a force that deserves to hold a monopoly over reality. The opposite of interest is a force that can't have a monopoly. A monopoly is a quantity that beats another quantity. The opposite of interest is a force that can't be a quantity that beats another quantity.

The purpose, of Halloween 6, is a quantity that has to be equal to any other quantity. No quantity can have the right to overrule any other quantity.

A quantity is an image - so no image in Halloween 6 can have the right to be better than any other image.

Any image, or any shape, or any character or any object that gets seen in Halloween 6 will eventually get the same treatment that any other image or character gets. It doesn't matter what the image looks like, it doesn't matter who the character is and it doesn't matter what the object is: throughout the 80 minute run time, of Halloween 6, all the characters and all the objects that get seen in the film get shown in a way which is identical.

The Strode house gets shown the same way that Smith's Grove gets shown. Kara Strode gets shown the same way that Tommy Doyle gets shown. Michael Myers gets shown the same way that Kara Strode and Tommy Doyle get shown. The Blankenship house gets shown the same way that the Strode house and that Smith's Grove get shown, etc etc.

Halloween 6 is a perfect type of intellect, and it's quite possibly in the top 20 movies ever made

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