Halloween II


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 40807


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Nicky Whelan as Wendy Snow
Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Samuel Loomis
Danielle Harris as Annie Brackett
Brad Dourif as Sheriff Lee Brackett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jaime Fury 2 / 10


Scores a 2 because it's slightly better than Rob Zombies remake of the original film. You get an added bonus because part of this review mimics the first remake. I can accept that this movie is for a newer generation audience by turning up the violence and body count. I think what this movie unsuccessfully tries to do is to rationalize Michael Myers behavior because of an unpleasant upbringing. What Michael Myers does is scarier when we don't know what motivates him. This movie doesn't really give the viewer anyone to root for. The Laurie Strode character spends most of the movie screaming and acting like a drama queen. I'm actually rooting for Michael Myers to kill her and end my suffering as well. None of the characters in this movie are so likable that you really care what happens to them and that makes the movie fail in my eyes. Taste is subjective and I'm sure a lot of people liked this mess of a movie.

Reviewed by generationofswine 2 / 10

An Honest Review

Malcolm McDowell so 2 stars just like I did the first one: ** The nudity isn't as much, so maybe I was wrong, maybe he was going for satire in the first one and not snuff porn...or maybe he was told to tone it down with the rape and dead naked women...

...but there are still naked women that get murdered by the big scary male monster after committing a fundamentalist sin of one kind or another...

...so was it intended to be a satire of the genre or does it just get Zombie off? Still not sure.

And again, the atmosphere isn't there. The film has a feel to it that is almost grindhouse sleaze without being good enough to really achieve grindhouse sleaze.

It makes for an off putting after taste in your mouth.

And with all the nudity it still feels like its trying to be Friday the 13th more than it is a Halloween installment.

Yet again I ask "Why remake it?" And this time the answer I can come up with is, Zombie is a great musician...unfortunately he shouldn't quit his day job.

Reviewed by lorcan-61881 6 / 10

Strange..but true

Halloween might have pissed off a few Halloween fans but considering the great success at the box office, a sequel was then put into development for 2009 and then we got Halloween II..wow. Halloween II I never actually really watched until last week along with the remake..two pretty different films. I honestly really enjoyed the first Halloween film and then we got this. Halloween 2 when I think about it was really different to the first film, the film had things I liked..and things I did'nt like, lets just get the bads out of the way now. The dream sequences in this film were fucking awful and I hated them so much, I know in ways Halloween 2 actually tried to remake the original 1981 film which also featured one or two dream sequences but this film had way too many and I felt like I was watching some sort of fucked up Marilyn Manson music video, I also felt like after Laurie shot Myers in the face, literally, I don't really think this was necessary, it just felt like a money milking scheme to punish you. Goods; the acting, the acting in this film is really good from Scout Taylor Compton as Laurie and of course Danielle Harris as Annie from the Halloween remake and the original two Halloween's, 4 and 5. Overall, Halloween 2 is ok, but suffers from a bit too much stuff we did not need, at all.

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