Halloween II


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 41752


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Nicky Whelan as Wendy Snow
Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Samuel Loomis
Danielle Harris as Annie Brackett
Brad Dourif as Sheriff Lee Brackett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by baileygiannini 1 / 10

TOTAL CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

Worse than the first one for sure. Rob Zombie completely destroys Michael Myers and the Halloween storyline in his 2009 sequel to his remake of Halloween back in 2007. Total garbage and if I had known what this movie was going to be, I would've never bought it on DVD. I was fourteen at the time of its' release, I feel pretty stupid the fact that I gave Rob Zombie money. Stay clear of this one at all costs, you'll end up wasting time, when you could've seen a film worth your time. I hate everything about this movie, there's one scene that's more suited for a heavy metal music video than a motion picture. I didn't like the fact that Zombie dressed him up in a hood. He makes Michael Myers have more of a human personality in this one. The film is terrible from beginning to the end. The shooting style is to gritty, a graphic blood bath. Once again Rob Zombie goes over the top with blood and guts, much worse than his 2007 remake, to try to scare his audience. I'm a huge fan of his music, After I saw the trailer for his newer film, 31, I can definitely say, Zombie, you're not the filmmaking type, it's either two options, 1. Take filmmaking classes or 2. Stop making movies and leave it to the filmmakers who know what they're doing. Sorry everybody, it's just sad to see everyone waste their money on this piece of trash he calls an amazing horror film. Also note that Rob Zombie's visions of creative art form, arent's working for him in his movies.

For an overall rating I give Halloween II (2009)

A 1/2 star.

Reviewed by IssaGuy 1 / 10

Worst Halloween movie ever made!

Man Rob Zombie what got into your head? This is why the Halloween series in the 2000s suck! This is like a long rejected Rob Zombie music video. Bad story, bad script, bad plot, bad acting, and bad ending. This is worse than part 6, Resurrection, part 5, and the remake! My head hurts from writing this review. TERRIBLE MOVIE, SKIP IT! If you going to watch it, I recommend you skip the movie and watch the trailer instead.

Reviewed by Ilikehorrormovies 1 / 10

Made HalloweeN Resurrection look like a masterpiece

This is has to be the worst Halloween movie of all time. The theatrical edition sucks and I bet the rest might be bad. Please don't buy this; this is a money grab. The slow motion scene sucks like their not scary in this film at all. The original Halloween II with Jamie Lee Curtis was better like they try hard in that film but in this Rob Zombie made the Halloween franchise a joke. I hope that new reboot is better than this garbage. 1.1/10

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