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Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 34%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 110665


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Charles Ec 1 / 10

Worthless puritan garbage featuring man childs and fart jokes

This film, i mean this thing, is a total wreck. It has something to disappoint everyone. Picturing two marriages that are so lame they will make you hate marriage, two love story that are so childish you will hate love stories, humour so stupid they must have hired a retarded teenager to write the lines, and sexual situations so unsexy you might take a dislike in sex. As with many Hollywood product, the more it talks about sex, the less it actually is about it. All the sex consist in jokes about bushes and a pair of double F, with a bit of masturbation noise (thanksfully not in a pie this time) for good measure. The take home morale is off course that there is absolutely nothing beyond a good family home-life, if possible buried in nappies, and that desiring a healthy sexual relationship with your other half means you are a weirdo. It seems you can only wish to be on the coach grooming the Labrador, or masturbating in your car. In true Hollywood puritan tradition, after having been given this Hall pass, they make nothing of it, make asses of themselves, weep like kids, and go home with their tail between their legs, as two good doggies. Not even a single real kiss in the movie. The idea could have led somewhere. They could have lived that opportunity, really experience things, really understand what they have in their lives, and really build something from it. Instead they live nothing, go nowhere, they might just has well have stayed in the basement, meet no one, and everything ends in a big I-miss- you-so-much situation. Everyone ends up in their own coach, and thankfully, oh thankfully, not at any point in a stranger bed. Morale is saved. Vows are preserved. Panties are all accounted for, and no condom get misplaced... Imagine. Something might have happened!

Reviewed by sixstringshowcase 9 / 10

Very funny! Farrelly's deliver with hilarious cast!

I dunno why people are bashing this flick. It's full of Farrelly Brother humor that is on-par with their best films. The premise allows all the characters to run the table. It's full of real-life comparisons that are hilarious as well as some exaggerations that hit the bulls- eye. It's not "On The Waterfront", but it wasn't intended to be. I guess I am biased because I've never watched a "bad" Farrelly Brothers movie. Sudekis and Wilson are awesome!

Reviewed by Qniba Khan 2 / 10

Shockingly Poor

Depressing how useless, low movies like this still get made. The Farrelly Bros and entire cast are clearly just milking the Hollywood cash cow. Pathetic attempt at comedy with no redeeming characters. The best line in the whole film is where one of the wives says 'this is why the terrorists hate us'.

A truly poor poor fim.

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