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Zac Efron as Link Larkin
John Travolta as Edna Turnblad
Brittany Snow as Amber Von Tussle
Michelle Pfeiffer as Velma Von Tussle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marylandflower 10 / 10

Review Of Hairspray

Hairspray was a very interesting viewing and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to watch movies but doesn't know which to watch. Nikki Blonsky embodied Tracy Turnblad so well we really felt for her. She stood up for what she believed in and most of the camera angles put as behind her as in we should start to stand with her. Zac Efron played a very convincing link Larkin. He made everyone feel that he wanted to be famous more than he wanted to help with her very important cause with race equality. Britney Snow ended up making it really easier to hate her character as Amber Von Tussel. Amber is so about herself and is always trying to bring Tracy down and when Link joins Tracy she said "Link we were always a team". When Link falls for Tracy, Amber takes that hit the hardest. Mrs. Von Tussel wants Link and Amber together so when Link would get famous Amber would too. She only cares about money. Link wanted to be with Amber but he realized that she was too rude and mean to other people as by the quote in Mrs. Baltimore Crabs "Amber no need to be rude"! Link was obviously thinking Amber needed to be nicer. Mrs. Von Tussel agreed and insulted Tracy with her daughter all the time. Queen Latifah was Mrs. Motormouth Maybell and she led the group to go and get TV to integrate. A lot of people believed that she would take it and that TV should integrate. Little Inez her daughter wanted to use her singing voice to reach people about how she feels about this issue. Seaweed her son also wanted to reach people about how she feels about this issue. He made his own song "Run and tell that" to show what people of color had to go through in that time period. They are all going for equality and Penny Pingleton tries to help but her overall Christian mother is also very racist. She does not agree with her daughter hanging out with she says those people. Tracy's mother Mrs. Turnblad doesn't agree with it until she starts to embrace her own image and she embraces her own image, when Motormouth Maybell told her that she is beautiful and does not need to change for anyone. Then Mrs. Turnblad decides to start to like her self image and see herself as important and beautiful. Everyone executed the music very well in the movie. Everyone practiced and hit the notes very well. You could tell the emotions were on point with all the characters. You could tell they really felt the way they were showing. They take a stand against all the issues and when you watch they try to get everyone on board with them, which means they make you feel for them. Everyone who watches Hairspray feels for the characters especially during I know where I've been. That song tugs at your heartstrings a little.

Reviewed by pensacolacomputer 10 / 10

What to watch if feeling blue

This movie has the ability to transform your mood. Yes its that good.

Very few movies can do this and when it happens, its magic.

I was feeling kinda down when I turned it on (expecting to change the channel quickly).

Musicals are not my cup of tea, I honestly have not seen one I really liked...ever.

This is a must watch, especially if you are feeling a little blue, I promise you by the end you will have the biggest smile on your face! Hope you enjoy it!

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 10 / 10

Irresistible fun and left me filled with joy

Being a fan of musicals and admiring admiration for a lot of the cast, as well as hearing nothing but good things about it, watching 'Hairspray' (which has been on my to see list for a while, having been behind with film watching and reviewing) was a must.

After seeing 'Hairspray', it left a huge positive impression on me and is a simply wonderful film all round. One of the better musicals in recent years and the most fun personally had for some time. It filled me with joy and uplifted me, it was such irresistible fun and a few elements left me pleasantly surprised. It is essentially a remake of the 1988 comedy and very much a worthy one.

The cast are one of 'Hairspray's' biggest strengths. John Travolta's performance has divided audiences, count me in as someone who found him delightful. Christopher Walken is enormous fun and very likable, have heard him sing before with wildly variable success having been a disaster in 'Peter Pan Live' and rather out of place in the live action remake of 'The Jungle Book' (an excellent film otherwise) but in this regard it's one of his better vocal performances.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Amanda Byrnes also enjoy themselves and Nikki Blonsky makes a stunning debut. The teens are also on top form, even Zac Efron is good.

'Hairspray' is audaciously designed and film and is buoyantly directed. The musical numbers are catchy and infectious, as well as performed with enormous enthusiasm. They are also slickly choreographed.

Script is very funny, sometimes even hilarious, and the story is filled to the brim with energy and easy to follow.

Overall, irresistible and joyous fun. Well worth catching, in fact a must. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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