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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by D Rahul Raj Jsd 10 / 10

This is no ordinary horror movie when it's directed by the Master Of Extreme, Ryan Nicholson.

This is no ordinary horror movie when it's directed by the Master Of Extreme, Ryan Nicholson. It's packed with high levels of everything an extreme hardcore horror fan will truly love. It's also a homage to 70s and 80s horror, with the vibe of the movie and the soundtrack. It's "I Spit On Your Grave" meets "Halloween", with a mixture of Giallo subgenre in an extreme way. Dan Ellis is a brilliant actor and he is even more talented than most overrated Hollywood actors. If you're an extreme horror fan and you have never seen any of Ryan Nicholson's movies, please checkout his filmography on IMDb. Be sure to get this modern masterpiece. I promise you if you're a true hardcore horror fan, you will not be disappointed...

Reviewed by aw1963 1 / 10

Belongs in the gutter...

...along with writer.Seriously,the writer of this awful excuse for a film belongs in a sanitarium.The entire movie is complete trash and a complete insult to the 80's genre,not a homage. The acting is pure trash,consisting of a bunch of people shouting as loud as possible while not being able to string three words together without swearing. The gore is over the top and mingled with pure porn,the so called 'horror' is just pure sickness of the mind. Do yourself a favour,don't even start watching this disgrace to the film industry and the horror genre.

Reviewed by jackmeat 5 / 10

Could've been a decent slasher. Just mediocre

My quick rating - 5,1/10. This is a nice throwback to good old slasher flicks. It has the usual gore and stupid teen age characters. The characters themselves were played over the top and done that way on purpose just to further the nostalgia value. I do have to say that the plot being revenge for a rape thing is fine and has been done before but in this movie, the rape scene is extremely long and quite graphic. It was almost unsettling how long it lasted for and the subject matter didn't help any. This event, which was led up to by your usual two groups of kids not getting along, well, at a bowling alley leads to a killer on the loose. The movie itself does add a bit of twist and tries to keep you guessing who the killer is in usual fashion of presenting the characters in ways of why it could be them. I was entertained by the movie minus the aforementioned rape scene. The kills were not abundant but did not shy away from the splatter of blood. All this carnage leads to a pretty nice ending that I didn't quite see coming which was just a treat as well. If it weren't for the one scene, I would rate this higher so if you don't mind that and enjoy a decent slasher flick, you'll be just fine watching this.

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