Gun Woman


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Lauren Lakis as Abducted Woman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Heavily stylised mayhem

GUN WOMAN is a low budget, gritty slice of Japanese exploitation, shot in America, that contains some explicit themes and a lot of style to make up for the lack of budget. The director certainly works hard to build up a sense of rhythm and dynamism and he succeeds in that respect, making a film which is watchable despite the darkness of some of the subject matter.

The tale is about a crazed assassin with a penchant for necrophilia who's protected by a sinister organisation for whatever reason. A man whose wife was murdered decides to get revenge, but the bad guy's level of defence is such that doing so will prove near impossible. So he concocts a plan that involves endless nudity on the part of the lead actress and some very outre moments.

GUN WOMAN is a strong film in terms of subject matter. The female nudity is constant while the gore is very strong indeed and painful too in places. The film is dialogue heavy at times but it's never silly unlike some other Japanese exploitation movies like TOKYO GORE POLICE. It builds to an effective bit of action cinema at the climax with the last 20 minutes chock-full of well-choreographed mayhem. Is it a perfect film? No, not really, but then few films are. GUN WOMAN delivers what it sets out to deliver, which is to give the viewer an hour and a half of heavily stylised violence with an original streak.

Reviewed by shawnblackman 5 / 10

Ups The Ante For Assassins

A crazy Japanese revenge flick where a doctor loses his wife to a psychotic billionaire rapist. He buys a drugged out sex slave and trains her to fight and to shoot. Once she is trained her mission is to smuggle a gun into a highly secure compound and kill the psycho. The only way she can do this is by having three surgical cuts in her body to hide the gun pieces. She has to open the stitches once in there and assemble the gun. She only has 22 minutes to kill him before she bleeds out.

This is an extreme version of The Professional or Leon. Good effects all around with a definite grindhouse feel. Jumps between English and Japanese dialects. Tense as hell but the ending could have used some

Reviewed by zardoz-13 8 / 10

Concealed Weapons

Premises don't get either more outlandish or extreme than writer & director Kurando Mitsutake's far-fetched, gruesome, but riveting revenge thriller "Gun Woman" with Japanese actress Asami as the eponymous heroine. For the record, Asami is the same actress who appeared in all five installments of the "Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead" series. Although it isn't a ten-star masterpiece, there is more going on in this absurd but satisfying epic about an insane doctor who exacts vengeance on the deranged killer who murdered of his wife in cold blood.

The Mastermind (Kairi Narita) is a brilliant surgeon with an uncanny ability to erase knife wounds. After the exiled son of Hamazaki (Noriaki Kamata of "Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf") rapes and kills the Mastermind's wife, snapping her neck in a fit of glee, he kicks the poor doctor nearly to death, breaks one of the guy's legs, and then—the ultimate indignity—urinates on him but allows him to live! This psycho villain is surrounded day and night by a squad of bodyguards and he indulges in the worst kind of pleasure know to mankind—Necrophilia. The revenge driven Mastermind learns that Hamazaki's son likes to go to a remote place known as "the room" where he can screw the dead. The site is maintained by some weirdos who thoroughly check out the corpses and the customers before they allow them on the premises. This is the only place where Hamazaki's son can venture without his army of bodyguards. This off-the-grid place provides guards of their own. As it turns out, the Mastermind bribes one of the employees who verifies that the dead are really defunct. Next, the Mastermind buys a drug addict, Mayumi (Asami of "The Machine Girl"), from human traffickers and rehabilitates her so she no longer a meth addict.

Afterward, he teaches her how to dismantle an automatic pistol, reassemble it, and empty a magazine of 13 cartridges into a target in under 20 seconds! He explains to Mayumi that she will masquerade as a corpse in the room. Since the naked bodies are inspected before they are brought into the site, the Mastermind gives her an injection of a drug that will make her appear lifeless. Meantime, he surgically implants the two main parts of a 9mm automatic pistol in her breast and abdomen with the clip stuffed presumably in her vagina. Basically, she smuggles her gun inside her body since she has no other way to take it into the facility. Before our heroine embarks on this outrageous mission, she watches as the Mastermind murders another girl as a demonstration to show Mayumi that once she has extracted the firearm from her body, she has 25 minutes to carry out the execution of Hamazaki's lunatic son. After the 25 minutes elapses, she may die from loss of blood. Naturally, nothing in life is a picnic. Our death-defying heroine makes it into the facility and recovers from the effects of the drug that enables her to play possum, he tangles with a brawny guard. Although the guards and employees have weapons, these weapons have been modified so that only they can discharge them. Our heroine has to kill three of these guards before she can get a crack at the heinously demented son. Mitsutake frames the story with another story about an assassin—a bespectacled, mustached American (Matthew Floyd Miller) who shoots a woman twice in the head while she is taking a shower—and then is driven to an extraction point in Las Vegas by a contract wheel man (Dean Simone) who discuss the bizarre death of Hamazaki's son while they cruise from Los Angeles to Sin City.

Of course, "Gun Woman" wallows in nudity, blood, gore, and violence. Nevertheless, writer & director Kurando Mitsutake has designed it strictly as a soft-core porno potboiler. The pay-off from the book-ends of the framing story set up is terrific. Now, the acting is nothing that the Oscars would recognize, but "Gun Woman" will hold your attention throughout its 85 minute run time, and Mitsutake never deviates from the main plot or squanders a second. Not for the squeamish, this imaginative but graphic shoot'em up gives new meaning to carrying concealed weapons.

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