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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-2 8 / 10

Short but wonderful

Lily Tomlin is "Grandma" in this 2015 film, written and directed by Paul Weitz. Let's start with some trivia. For those who remember "Imitation of Life" from 1959, Paul Weitz is the son of Susan Kohner, who played the young woman who passed for white in the film. His grandfather was a famous theatrical agent, Paul Kohner, and his grandmother was actress Lupita Tovar.

Tomlin plays Elle, a lesbian with a checkered past which includes a one-night stand that produced a daughter (Marcia Gay Harden), an ex- husband (Sam Elliott), a deceased lover who helped raise her daughter, and a young lover (Judy Greer) whom she's in the process of breaking up with when the film starts.

Elle's granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) visits her seeking $600 for an abortion. Elle doesn't have it. She's paid off all her debt and then cut up her credit cards. So the two go on a search for the money, hitting up the baby daddy, a friend (Laverne Cox), and another friend (Elizabeth Pena) with a cafe who offered to buy some first editions. In the end, Elle comes up short. Then it's time to hit up the ex- husband. This is where we find out Elle hasn't told her granddaughter everything about her life.

The next stop is a confrontation with Sage's very busy mother who is on the outs with Elle.

Entertaining and fun film, well written, well directed, and well acted. Lily Tomlin is delightful as a no-nonsense, dry-witted woman still grieving over the loss of someone so special in her life. Really a wonderful role for her.

The rest of the cast is marvelous, with Marcia Gay Harden proving again that she's uber-talented. Weitz's quirky casting truly elevates this film.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by forgrlove-92-963793 10 / 10

Sam Elliot's best performance ever!!

Sam Elliott was just amazing in this! I have loved the depth and the humility in the warmth and the humor that he brought through with his character. I really feel like it was an Oscar worthy performance and a movie that probably won't be seen by as many people as it could be. I hope we see this performance in another movie with Mr. Elliott because it would be super nice to see him win an Oscar for this caliber of performance. Overall this movie was a little bit hard for me to watch because I am pro-life and pro choice, politically. I think ideally we have to respect that it's a woman's choice and yet offer so many fabulous options that they would not feel like they ever had to do that.

Reviewed by pik923 2 / 10


I gave it a 2 only because the acting was so good. However - yes a big however. I am a feminist,I am a radical feminist in fact. But I find a movie that treats abortion with such disregard as disturbing, disappointing and inhumane.

Having worked in an abortion clinic - it is the most difficult decision any woman has to make. And to make it so unimportant as an issue with so much talent around it, it is really unfortunate.

Not just the issue of abortion, but the issue of how women treat each other with so much anger and baggage and a man writes and directs it. Typical in a way.

Sorry for Lily such a huge talent to be a part of this is disturbing. She is bigger and better than the flippant way many woman issues are addressed.

The film never goes into any depth with any one character. It is a good idea as a script, how one life touches many and many touches one - but all in all, deeply disappointing. I don't want to go into too many specifics because then, if you haven't seen the film, the story line will be given away. And I don't like doing that or having that done to me.

When will women write real films about real women and touch upon such sensitive issues with the sensitivity integrity and honesty that it deserves without depending upon the male point of view that in fact almost belittles everything that makes women women and lesbians lesbians and human dynamics, more human.

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