Grace of Monaco


Action / Biography / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
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Nicole Kidman as Grace
Milo Ventimiglia as Rupert Allan
Paz Vega as Maria Callas
Parker Posey as Madge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wondringaloud8 2 / 10

A Beautiful Stinker

I really wanted to like this film, and scanned my mind for another actress who would be able to play Grace. Other than, Naomi Watts, all I came up with was Kidman. Watts and Kidman seem to do a tag team sort of thing with portrayals like this one; they seem to take turns playing fluttery ice queens with a Secret Sorrow. But Kidman never convinced me as Grace, never could seem to hold onto her accent correctly, and lacked some of the anger and spice that I hear Grace had in good measure. And may I say that it was odd to see a Miss Congeniality-style training montage in this film? The film kept doing this thing where it would switch to sweeping hyper-closeups of Kidman's face, well, parts of it, as she emoted slightly. Very irritating and I kept saying "What are you trying to convey, Director? What?" The script stretched credulity in almost every scene. But the final straw for me was the meandering, self-serving speech the film's Grace presented at the Red Cross Ball, a speech which we are led to believe averted a war between France and Monaco. Really? It was laughable and poorly presented and summed up the entire film for me: a beautiful disappointment that made me yearn for a glimpse of the real Grace and her charm and beauty. I just might watch Rear Window to cleanse my palate.

Reviewed by dierregi 1 / 10

Hagiography of Grace

After 6 years of marriage to prince Rainier of Monaco (Ray for friends), Grace (Gracie for friends) starts to feel frisky and even more so when Hitch (Hitchcock for you and me) offers her the role of Marnie.

However, Ray is less than thrilled at the idea of Gracie going back to work and to Hollywood. Her part of the deal was to be Monaco's first housewife and stay home with the kids. Ray is grumpy by nature and also because the annoying De Gaulle wants him to pay taxes, otherwise Ray's tiny principality will be annexed by France.

Killing two birds with a stone, not only Gracie decides to start learning French (after 6 years in the country she could hardly say a word) but also she averts the annexation, thanks to a very long (albeit quite boring and predictable) speech delivered at the Red Cross ball.

Can you image what a mighty tragedy could have been if Monaco was annexed to France? A crisis likely to cause WW III. But luckily Gracie diverted all that, thanks to her style and beauty.

Even if I was expecting very little, I would have appreciated a bit about Gracie introducing her Hollywood friends to the ways of Monaco's gambling and partying, as a source of revenue for the principality. But that would have been way too controversial.

However, it was grotesque to see Monaco, a shard of land famous as a tax haven and gambling resort treated with so much deference, as its existence and that of the ruling house of Grimaldi should be preserved for ever...

Obviously I watched this on TV and I would recommend the experience if once in a while you enjoy watching a thoroughly bad movie.

Reviewed by lemagicienbergier 5 / 10

Cuban missile crisis

I quote comment under me

"A fiasco that utterly lacks Grace. 1/10 Author: JLA-2 from United States 26 May 2015

I can't believe so many people have given this movie any stars. It's both ridiculous and inept. So, where to begin?

The idea that France would annex Monaco is treated with the world-shaking importance of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It's a spat about taxes. Hardly earth-shaking. Another crisis is whether Grace will return to Hollywood, beckoned by Hitchcock, to star in "Marnie." That movie was also a mess with Tippi Hedren and is certainly on the bottom of the Hitchcock oeuvre, alongside "Topaz". It would have been no better with Grace Kelly. The script meanders about with one poorly conceived scene after the next. None, even vaguely plausible. Do you think that people went around calling Rainier "Ray" and Grace "Gracie"? I think not. "

"The idea that France would annex Monaco is treated with the world-shaking importance of the Cuban Missile Crisis."

So, Cuban missile crisis, a false-flag operation was somehow more important than a sovereignty of one European nation??? What about Kosovo then??? Autonomy for people that already have their own country??? Like autonomy for Hungarians in Slovakia, no?

Whyt really was so "graceful" about some actress married to some prince??? She wasn't so good actress, at all...

Nice movie.

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