Gorky Park


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 10600


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Ian McDiarmid as Prof. Andreev
William Hurt as Arkady Renko
Brian Dennehy as William Kirwill
Lee Marvin as Jack Osborne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mark.waltz 6 / 10

There's something truly evil lurking in the snowy parks of Moscow.

Something truly hideous is being hidden under snowy graves, and from where it came, from who put it there, and why sustains this mystery set in communist Moscow. For militia officer William Hurt, the discovery of three dead bodies with the faces removed is a horrific sight, and hoping that the KGB will take the case off of his hands proves false. The presence of two Americans (Lee Marvin and Brian Dennehy) adds more mystery to the case, with Dennehy blaming Hurt for killing his brother and Marvin somehow connected in ways that Hurt can only guess.Every time he seems closer to solving the case, a key witness or partner is brutally murdered, leaving only a beautiful Russian girl (Joanna Pacula) as a key witness.

This intriguing but convoluted thriller keeps your attention but can get rather frustrating as it twists until it really begins to get painful. The Russian location shooting is beautiful (everything there seems huge!), and even in just speaking English with slight accents, the American actors playing Russians are believable. Marvin, playing a rather perverted character, is commanding, especially when discussing his love of sable, Hurt is understandably perplexed and disgusted, and Dennehy shows how to non-act and maintain your attention even when not saying a word. Pacula, as well, is interesting, and its obvious that everyone under Michael Apted's direction was challenged by the material. However, it has an ugly premise and the convoluted motivations just don't gel when all is revealed. This is the type of film that you might view once, but afterwards file it away to never pick up again.

Reviewed by Lechuguilla 5 / 10

Cold And Aloof

The film's premise infers an interesting question: could the murder of three presumably innocent young people be connected in some way to the secrets of the Russian KGB? A high-level Russian policeman named Renko (William Hurt) sets out to answer that question. Plotted as a semi-police procedural, "Gorky Park" belongs in the murder mystery genre, yet it's also something of a political thriller. Interestingly, the underlying theme relates to freedom, political and otherwise.

Probably the best element is the overall production. What a well-made film, with attention to detail in costumes, production design, sound quality, and editing. Color cinematography is professionally done, as well. Consistent with Western perception of Moscow, colors trend a grayish, low-contrast look. The background music gives viewers a murder mystery feel at the outset, which continues intermittently throughout the film.

The big problem is the script. Though the premise is intriguing, the plot is rambling and confusing. Part of the confusion for me was the difficulty in understanding the significance of all the Russian characters. They all seemed to blend in together; as an American, I found that their names did not help differentiate them.

Further, all the characters were as cold as the ice the three victims were initially skating on at Gorky Park. Even Renko came across as aloof and emotionally cold most of the time.

I suspect a European audience would like this film a lot better than Americans. Since most of the story was set in Moscow, the entire film seemed cold and bleak, not just the characters, but also the weather, the outdoor scenes, and the mostly drab interiors. Overall, "Gorky Park" conveys a good premise but a weak script. And the cold, aloof look and feel was a bit much for me.

Reviewed by Zoe Forest 7 / 10

fairly standard crime/thriller

William Hurt is a Russian cop, very handsome, in some conflict with the KGB and all the rest of Soviet rubbish. But strives to solve the mystery of the three bodies found in... Gorky Park of course.

He meets Irina, a beautiful young woman and decides that she is involved, and knows more, so, of course, goes into her background. All she really wants is OUT, of Russian of course.

Brian Dennehy has a good role, he's an American cop looking for his (now dead) brother. And Lee Marvin has been included, probably just to put a well-known name on the cast list - not very special.

Of course there are lots of shooting. All fairly normal?

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