Good Will Hunting


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 97%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 94%
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Matt Damon as Will Hunting
Stellan Skarsgård as Prof. Gerald Lambeau
Ben Affleck as Chuckie Sullivan
Robin Williams as Sean Maguire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by louis-nash77 10 / 10

A most see

Even though Will's super intelligence seems very unrealistic, the movie doesn't fall through. However, the plot was a bit predictable in terms of the ending. Furthermore, the fact that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wrote the movie themselves is amazing, and surely it allowed them to play their roles even better. All in all, the movie consists of an outstanding cast with interesting roles, a high entertainment value in the plot, and last but not least, an interesting period of time in an interesting part of the USA. Definitely a most see.

Reviewed by eternalxv 8 / 10

Great spin on the hidden genius premise.

Matt Damon as Will and Ben Affleck as Chuckie fit into my visualization of the stereotypical young adult male from Boston in the 90's. The fact that the two were both raised in Massachusetts makes me smile a little when I realize they are most likely playing a version of themselves from the past but with that said I couldn't have enjoyed this movie more. I assumed far too much about this film just based on the quick synopsis I had read beforehand. Will being the problem child/genius was not quite what I was expecting. Typically these type of characters are written to be a sort of incredibly anti-social recluse, where as Will just received a really bad roll of the dice and grew up with little to no positive guidance and instead used his brilliance to skirt the law and impress his friends. The introduction of Robyn Williams' character, Sean, was the perfect addition to balance out Will's reckless nature. Sean's heartfelt approach to therapy is something that should be taken considered by real mental health professionals and Robin William's personality shines through perfectly as a foul-mouthed man that has experienced a world full of struggle and pain. A more exceptional match for a young Will has entered the building, the rest can go home. This film uses an impressive amount of close-up camera angles as a way to transition through dialogue which acts as a way to keep the viewer engaged and aware of the emotions on the characters faces. This fits perfectly with the emotional impact that Will and Sean's interactions have. What an amazing film, I will be watching this one a second time.

Reviewed by lyndecreviston 10 / 10

Very inspirational movie

Good Will Hunting is a story about a young man who is struggling to find himself. Will, Played by Matt Damon was raised in foster homes and finds himself on the wrong side of the law after an assault charge on an officer finds himself working as a janitor per the court orders instead of serving time. Will finds himself sweeping the hallways of MIT where he sees mathematical equations scribbled on a dry erase board for one of the classes. Will, solves the problem with ease and is recognized by Professor Lambeau played by Stellan Skarsgard. Will is then sent on a roller coaster ride of finding love, trusting his therapist Sean, played by Robin Williams, and not leaving his friends behind who have been the only loyal people in his life. The theme of this movie is trying to find yourself. Will was raised by the state and was in foster homes most of his life. He lived a hard life and never played by the rules, in fact, Will usually made his own rules. Wills friends were the only sense of family he ever had so trusting others, especially adults, was not going to happen. Will finds himself in trouble with the law after an assault on an officer earns him a deferred prosecution becomes a janitor at MIT. Will comes across as just a product of his environment and nobody could predict the genius that was hiding behind his thick walls. Will becomes a client of a therapist that little beknown to him came from a very similar background. Sean, played by Robin Williams, digs deep to the inner core of Will trying to help him find the true person he was meant to be. Sean is there for Will and teaches him that not everyone he encounters has a set motive. Sean spends a lot of time during their therapy sessions talking about his own life to try to gain the trust of Will. All Will has ever known was this town and his friends that he grew up with. When a girl named Skylar comes into his life he initially pushes her away and breaks up with her before she can hurt him. Nobody expects Will to be so smart based on his upbringing. Professor Lambeau even stated that Will just "got lucky" solving his math problem. There is a special bond that is built between Will and Sean and he finally starts to let his guards down when they are comparing the beatings that they used to take from the hands of their fathers. In the end the biggest scene that gets stuck in my head was Will and Sean's last session when Will overhears Sean arguing with Professor Lambeau regarding Will's future. I think this is the first time Will has ever experienced somebody sticking up for him. Will enters the room and it is just him and Sean and Sean tells him, "it's not your fault". At first Will is a little skeptical but Sean keeps repeating it until the final wall that Will has built breaks and he breaks down in Sean's arms. Will then decides to take the biggest risk he has ever taken, leave the only town he has ever known and all of his friends to "go see about a girl". Another movie that compares to Good Will Hunting in my eyes would be Stand By Me. This movie was produced in 1986 directed by Rob Reiner but follows the theme of finding yourself. This one is not just one boy trying to find himself but 4 boys that grew up as friends but had 4 completely different backgrounds that had to overcome obstacles of bullies and just being treated differently by others.

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