Good Vibrations


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Dylan Moran as Pat
Richard Dormer as Terri Hooley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by happycarrot68 8 / 10

Great film about a great character

Grew up listening to Rudi, The Outcasts, SLF etc and Terri was a great character. Delighted when I heard they were to make a film of his attempts to bring music to the people of Belfast and wasn't let down by the result This really is a great bio, deals tremendously with the troubles in a humorous almost flippant way, shows Terri as the maverick and enthusiastic man he is. I once advertised in the NME for a copy of Bigtime by Rudi and Terri himself called me sending a parcel of singles to me in England, no wonder he never made money but that was him Loved every second of this, great performance by Dylan Moran,in fact is unfair to single anyone out but watch for Terri himself in the recording studio scene.

Great stuff

Reviewed by jamesoshea-620-333272 5 / 10

great formula, poor calculations

Good Vibrations (GV) came highly recommended from my local liquor store attendant, an equally avid film buff. What began showing so much promise petered out by act three. I was stoked from the onset, jazzed, amped up, I mean with lines like "one of those special bonds, part pharmaceutical, part philosophical" and "a proper record collection should have track for every moment", how could I not? So act one had me all in, hook-line-and-sinker, fully ensconced in the message, meaning, and mayhem plaguing Belfast, Ireland.

However, instead of gaining momentum, it slowed considerably and this once promising "true" story became slightly stale and insipid. In reflection, understanding the genesis of my disinterest was utterly perplexing and a sizable feat. I was unaware of any one point or instance where I could ascribe fault or blame, no aha light bulb moment. Taken individually on their own merit the components or factors which led to my disappointment are paltry and would otherwise go unnoticed, but as a collective they create a wet canvas snuffing out any chance for redemption or a grand crescendo.

You know what, scratch that...there is one glaring omission, deliberate or not, is that no characters aside from Terri Hooley (I know it's his semi-biographic story) were permitted to develop, banished to forgettable cursory roles. It was all him to the exclusion of others. So the few remote opportunities to develop the pompous Terri possibly ingratiating him enough to grow endearing to us and welcome him in with respect to his laurels was assuaged if not totally lost.

And lastly, to butcher and borrow from the Samuel Clemens stratum of brilliant quips: to say the movie score was better than it sounded is putting it mildly. I think he said of this after a German Opera and he was quoted as saying the music was better than it sounded. At any rate, terrible selection of music and I know they had to be true to the time and place, but shoot, they were lifeless songs and listless lyrics. In the end, it was rather unremarkable and for every Terri Hooley, they were hundreds scattered and mooching about. I would like to tip my hat to his bravado, courage, resourcefulness, and unwavering dedication to getting the vinyl in the right hands and playedÂ…kudos to the man.

Rate: 52 / 100

Reviewed by Spikeopath 10 / 10

These kids aren't the problem to Belfast, they are the solution.

"When punk rock ruled over Ulster, nobody ever had more excitement and fun. Between the bombings and shootings, the religious hatred and the settling of old schools, punk gave everybody a chance to LIVE for one glorious moment."

Uncle Joe Strummer.

Punk Rock and Punk Rockers have always been misunderstood. Back during the original wave that began in 1976 it was thought punks wanted to kill the queen and burn down your villages, so even though some ill informed (re: ill educated) principals courted controversy, the spirit of punk rock, its ideals and reasons for being, got lost in the mix of the media frenzies and drug deaths et al. Many films and documentaries have been made over the years, some worthwhile, others not so, but all in an effort to either correct the misconceptions of punk rock, or invite interest into a genre of music that made waves that are still being felt today. Good Vibrations the movie is the embodiment of what it was really all about.

The story concerns how Terri Hooley (played by a superb Richard Dormer) believed that music could make a difference, and this even as a soul destroying Civil War raged out on the streets of Belfast. He opened a record shop and formed his own independent record label (the Good Vibrations of the title), and then one day he stumbled on a movement, punk kids who just didn't care about sectarianism, race, creed or colour, they united as one with a love of music, of music with attitude and no hidden agendas. It ticked every box of Hooley's world, forcing him to beg the question of where have these boys been all his life?

I would like to report a Civil War outside!

The 1970s backdrop of the Northern Ireland "Troubles" strikes all the right emotional chords, but the makers are never heavy handed, it's never over-killed. The key here is portraying a movement - and an individual - that refused to be cowed by the bombs and the bullets. In fact during one quite brilliant scene ignorance proves to be bliss. From personal experience I can say that as a British guy living in England I was vehemently told back in the late 1970s to not even think about buying a 7" single by one of the 'Oirish punk rebel rousers. I'm still flipping that same middle finger I flipped back then, today!

Teenage dreams so hard to beat.

Thankfully the film doesn't spend most of its time on what music fans know as the key Irish bands of the era. The Undertones were indebted to Hooley as much as they were the legendary (and much missed) John Peel, but this picture barely features The Undertones, or Stiff Little Fingers as it happens. The former are key, and provide some of Hooley's most memorable moments, in fact it's the crux of the genius and otherwise (family changes) of Hooley the man and the "businessman". Yet it's the lesser known bands of the time that come to the front and tell the story alongside Hooley, which even though this is a biography of sorts, is a wonderful touch and dare I say it? Very punk rock. It's as he says, they are all a part of Good Vibrations.

I saw the light.

What of Hooley the man, how he is portrayed here? Pic makes the effort to show he was hardly an ideal husband type, where the love of his life, Ruth (the lovely Jodie Whittaker making an under written character boom) is playing second fiddle to his musical passion. His relationship with his parents is only pinched, though just enough to make a point, while some of his dealings with the warring factions in his community come off as a bit fanciful. But these are forgivable sidesteps, for this is about the music lover and the movement he fought tooth and nail to get heard.

It was never about money, punks wanted it, needed it even, but the true spirit of punk shines bright in Good Vibrations, both musically and as a human interest story, making it essential viewing for anyone interested in the original wave of Punk Rock. 10/10

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