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Óscar Jaenada as Alférez Gorriamendi
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Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

An expedition formed by Spanish soldiers down the Amazon river searching for the fabled city of gold

A misfit expedition formed by Spanish soldiers down the Amazon rivers searching for the fabled city created with gold , Dorado-alike , to claim it to the Spanish Empire . It is set in the 16th century , King Carlos de Ausburgo of España sends a bunch of Spanish soldiers to the new continent to locate Teziutlan , a legendary golden city . Alone in the rainforest and without a help , soldiers face not only indigenous tribes but the manifest hate themselves by their respective birth places . Commanded by the ruthless and insane Don Gonzalo (José Manuel Cervino) who leads the Spanish group in search of the fabulous city , accompanied by his young wife Doña Ana (Barbara Lennie) who is assisted by a maid , La Parda (Anna Castillo) . The elderly and weak health Don Gonzalo becomes in danger Doña Ana , who is disputed by Alférez Gorriamendi, (Oscar Jaenada) Gonzalo's right-hand , and soldier Martín Dávila (Raul Arevalo) . The travelers who are over-dressed for the heat in their old world clothes and armour must survive the crises of jungle life and human frailty . After to realize that Viceroy of Port Prince has send another bunch looking for them commanded by Juan Medrano after to accuse Don Gonzalo of betrayal ; Dávila, Gorriamendi and other soldiers as Sargento Bastaurrés (Jose Coronado) and Barbate (Antonio Dechent) must decide if fight against Medrano's and his men or continue until Teziutlan . Other import soldiers in the dangerous expedition are : Iturbe (Juan José Ballesta) , El Escribano or writer of their feats called Licenciado Ulzama (Andrés Gertrúdix) and the bigotry priest , Pater Vargas (Luis Callejo) . The river , jungle scenery and several dangers dominate the motley characters in the risked journey . But the twisted loves , envy , ambition , double-crosses , fights among them will reveal more violent than the own rainforest and the indigenous tribes .

This historical flick set in Amazon rainforest, 1538 , results to be a slow-moving and interesting film that contains epic events , impressive battles , thrills , betrayals , violence and wonderful scenarios in which take place the death clashes in a neverending search for a city built with gold similar to El Dorado . The picture has been criticized for its plodding plot in which emerges a strong rivalry and hate among the violent adventurers , with several moments of tension where the travelers must survive the crises of jungle life and human frailty . Good performance from a great main cast as Raúl Arévalo , Bárbara Lennie , Oscar Jaenada José Coronado .It contains an atmospheric and evocative musical score Javier Limón . Colorful but dark cinematography by the great cameraman Paco Femina . The plot bears remarkable resemblance to classic ¨Aguirre¨ by Werner Herzog with Klaus Kinski and in 1988 was realized another version titled ¨El Dorado¨ by Carlos Saura ; because of a similarity in plot and characters, the movie suffers by comparison but stands on its own as a less fantastic version of the same travel of obsessed adventurers .

Agustin Diaz Yanes' return to top form , with an intelligent and engaging script which uses exciting situations to give us a good movie in slow pacing , engaging as well as violent events , plot twists and that kept me entertained for the almost 110 minutes of duration . Diaz Yanes is a fine craftsman , thanks to his reputation as screenwriter and the support of Victoria Abril he was able to set up his first film as director: "Nobody Will Speak of Us When We're Dead " that became the greatest hit of Spanish cinema at its release in 1995 and the Festival San Sebastian , including best actress to Victoria Abril . Yanes subsequently directed the successful ¨Alatriste¨ , "Don't Tempt Me" and ¨Solo Quiero Caminar¨ that failed at Spanish box office

Reviewed by fasada 10 / 10

i do not konw

The actors well,i'm not good at remembering them from other spanish movies,but they do a very good job.I enjoy the movie very much,10 stars from my point of view.

Reviewed by alfredo-garcia-sanchez 3 / 10

The best Spanish actors performing the worst movie

I don't understand how the best Spanish actors can act so badly . The worst performance in their careers.

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