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Rachael Taylor as Rachel Hill
Matthew McConaughey as Kenny Wells
Corey Stoll as Brian Woolf
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by exaybachay84 8 / 10

"Gold" is pure gold

I reviewed only one movie on IMDb so far, but "Gold" is much better than the ratings and other users' reviews suggest, so it's good to balance things out.

First of all, you have a three-dimensional protagonist you can sympathize with. He's unattractive, unlucky, drinking way too much - like most of us are, ha ha. In fact, Kenny is very human with his flaws and ambitions, and this is fantastically portrayed by Matthew McConaughey (it's not about his fake teeth, weight gain or shaved head, it's about his ability to make you care about the character). The script is tight, smart, bitter-sweet and funny at times, because it's a dark comedy. Well, sort of. And while it may not stay true to reality (the Bre-X scandal), it's preceded with a note "Inspired by true events", not "Based on". After all, it's a movie. And as a movie, it's better than most things you're gonna watch this year. Or last, for that matter.

Plus, the soundtrack is just great (Iggy Pop, Joy Division, New Order, Pixies), as is its use in particular scenes.

5/6 in my book, 8/10 according to IMDb standards.

Reviewed by Ruben Mooijman 7 / 10

Capitalist adventure movie

Essentially, 'Gold' is an old fashioned adventure movie. A hostile environment, changing fortunes, shifting alliances, unexpected adversaries, a seemingly betrayed friendship: it's all there. But the setting is out of the ordinary: it's the financial world with millions of dollars pumped into promising mining stocks. But those millions can just as quickly be withdrawn when the prospects change.

The adventurer in the midst of it all is Kenny Wells, son of a Nevada gold prospector and heir to an almost bankrupt mining company. In an all-or-nothing attempt, he travels to Indonesia for a meeting with a legendary drilling expert. The next step is to find the money required for the drilling. What follows, is a roller-coaster ride of successes and setbacks.

Matthew McConaughey is amazing as Kenny Wells, a raving maniac with a fearless can-do mentality and a complete lack of respect for Wall Street hotshots or mining moguls. This is one of his best roles ever, and it's worth an Oscar. You can see the doubt in the eyes of everyone he meets: is this a madman who doesn't know what he's up to, or a go-getter who doesn't give up until he reaches his goal? Wells is both, and McConaughey makes his complex character completely believable.

There are some extra layers in the story underlining this complexity: the relationship with his wife Kay, and the friendship with his business partner Mike Acosta. The latter is responsible for the spectacular ending of the story, with a really nice surprise in the last seconds.

The whole story is based on the Bre-X scandal, which hit the worldwide headlines in the nineties. Some details are changed, but on the whole the story follows the real events pretty accurate. The scandal was a prime example of excessive capitalist greed, and the film is a nice reminder of it.

Reviewed by neoduric 7 / 10

McCounaghey never stops

An easy example of how everybody goes mad around gold is this movie that tells a story about massive if can be called fraud but more trick played. Kenny Wells (Matthew McCounaghey) is a successor of company that deals with findings of minerals and making profits outs of it and as time went by they were running deeper and deeper into a hole. After all hopes are lost Kenny decides to take a big risk and travel to Indonesian to meet with Michael Acosta. Michael (Edgar Ramirez) is a geologist that has belief that gold is somewhere in forests in Indonesia so he gets Kenny to turn everything around and help him dig that out. After being sick for many weeks and almost dying and when all hopes seemed lost Edgar bring a happy news. They found gold so now only thing that needs to be done is to find someone to finance that digging and there comes Jeff Jackson (Timothy Simons). He gets so hooked up to idea that there is a massive gold lying somewhere around that he manages to get a lot people in buying stocks of Wells company. Everything was going great but after discovery that it was all set up by Edgar and that he got away with ton of money movie just gets mad. There is everybody being tricked by one guy and story losses it power because of fact that they all forgot to check report and analyse in their greed and belief in him. Including love life of Kenny and his girlfriend Kay in story was something that should not be bigger focus but at times it felt that way. Story seems great and there is some of good dialogue but it lacks in focus on importance of things but feels surreal and silly to even happen. Ending was a huge improvement in story and it probably lift character of Edgar. 2.5/4

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