Going in Style


Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 57929


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Joey King as Brooklyn Harding
Morgan Freeman as Willie Davis
Michael Caine as Joe Harding
Ann-Margret as Annie Santori
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by snelling 2 / 10

Stick With the Original

Compared to this, the 1979 original is Shakespeare. This remake is an embarrassment for all concerned. Four icons of acting entertainment wasted, and made to look idiotic for our amusement. Not even sure why they called it "Going in Style" when they could have named it "Four Morons End Their Careers in the Toilet." Arkin is a crank. Caine is just walks through his lines. Freeman is tap dancing as we throw nickels. Ann-Margret is trying to be a 25 yr-old minx yet again. I cringed from the supermarket robbery onward. No sane person would rob a store where they go every week to shop. There is no reason to write more here as it just gets worse and worse. Go watch the original and see how it should be done!

Reviewed by Graham Harvey 4 / 10

its a start

All these films and tv shows that are making reference to the corruption, greed & illegal and immoral actions of the wall st banks & corporations, are a great start. Through movies like this, people are starting to realise that most of humanity is on the side of the normal people; the challenge is to find a leader who will lay down the law rather than have dinner and get a cut of the profits from the 1%. Unfortunately this film does not explore very far. In true American individualistic culture, the mentality seems to be that if the rich are going to steal and get away with it, then we may as well do the same. In some ways this is only a parody, but what is said always contains the feelings ideas & opinions of creators, at least to some degree. We need a spreading of wisdom. Does democracy mean that corporations and the extreme rich are free to keep all they have even when others go without the basics of food, clothing, water, medicine? Democracy when all humans on this planet has a voice, will call for a major overhaul: that the basic necessities of life be provided to all, not just to those who have $ in the bank. It is a good start though. Hopefully it will get people thinking. Robbing banks is not the solution. People struggling while corporations post bigger & bigger profits is not the solution. So then we start to think about how all people on earth have a voice to demand that all basics be provided for by government & those individuals & corporations with extreme wealth.

Reviewed by Alexander_Blanchett 7 / 10

Easy Entertainment

Nice old fashioned crime comedy. The kind of film that rarely gets made these days, which is very unfortunate. It reunites 3 Oscar winning legend in a nice speedy, self ironic but also moving comedy. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin all give good performances and prove they still have it. The best of the bunch was probably Morgan Freeman but they were all pretty much in the same league. Nice to see support by Ann-Margret and Christopher Lloyd. The screenplay was solid enough, not all of it was believable and much was predictable but it did not hold the film back to be solid entertaining. Zack Braff is a better director than actor in my books. I think it was good to have a younger spirited director backstage, although I would have loved if someone like Rob Reiner, who can I can perfectly see handling little con coms like this. All in all, no classic or anything but solid and easy entertaining and the chance to see some of the best actors of their generation in one film.

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