Godzilla: The Planet Eater


Action / Adventure / Animation / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Mamoru Miyano as Haruo Sakaki
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by garabedian123 3 / 10

Boring, Slow, Religious Rhetoric

Yawn. I knew I should have turned it off after 5 minutes. Its just that the other 2 were pretty good so this one was surely going to get better. The religion of the aliens is finding peace in knowing that they are going to die..SO they spend the whole movie converting people and to convince the main character to kill himself....JEEZ...And there is nothing more to the story than that.


After spending the whole movie defiant, and hopeful, suddenly out of nowhere, the main character just gives up and kills himself...OMG...that was lame... ....And how is it that a group that can see the future and call monsters from another universe and yet still have no hope for surviving the end of the universe...There are other universes.!!!!

Reviewed by juliendussault 3 / 10

The first 2 films meant something and were great, this one fell so short

If you've seen the 2 previous films, you know that Haruno is a great character who is tough, and seemingly without morals, but we see the human side of him constantly, in this film you do, but in a bad way.

You don't develop a strong character like Haruno, who in the first films didn't really habe a reason to live other than hate, and then show us that he is capable of more than hate only to hit the eject button and have him blast off at Godzilla to repeat what the Metaphis dude just showed him was the folly of man, the constant annihilation of each other. It makes no sense whatsoever and is incredibly disappointing. This film could have been so much more, but ended up turning to crap at the end. What kind of man abandons his kid and, presumably, wife to go with nano rock girl to blow themselves up? A moron, or a writer who ran dry when they had plenty of time and money to make something worthwhile out of this.

Guess we all hoped too much.

Reviewed by kaefab 2 / 10

Another missed opportunity

This movie is no different then the last 2, it drags on and on and on with useless conversations. There is very little action, very little godzilla, i thought that with King Ghidorah arrival it would change and the movie would get better but no.

They could have done so much more with those 3 movies, the animation is really good, the voice acting too but there is so much drama and almost no action that you are sure to get bored.

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