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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
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Matthew Broderick as Dr. Niko Tatopoulos
Gretchen Mol as Reporter
Jean Reno as Philippe Roaché
Hank Azaria as Victor 'Animal' Palotti
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hancocktom41 2 / 10

The fact I watched this as a 10 year old and thought it was bad means everything.

*Bad acting? Yes. *Unneeded dialogues in supposed-to-be serious scenes? Yes. *Beautiful cgi? Sub-par. Good for the time. *Horrible storyline? Yes. *Was it Godzilla? I think we all wish it wasnt...fourtonately 2014 came out and relieved us all.

Reviewed by JLRVancouver 7 / 10

Godzilla in New York

Many Godzilla purists rejected this CGI-based reinterpretation of the story (#23 in the series) but it is not a bad kaiju outing in its own right. The Toho release (Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, 1995) preceding Emmerich's version continued the trend toward improbable monsters, new-age subplots, and self-righteous greenery and I found the US version to be a refreshing return to the original concept: humanity vs. a single, destructive monster born of radiation. Typical of Emmerich's unsubtle style, everything is very big (Godzilla) or very numerous (e.g. helicopters) and the human drama of the 1954 original, which treats the monster's destructive rampage more as a tragedy than an adventure, is replaced by light-weight shtick, primarily revolving around the Roger Ebert-lookalike mayor (apparently an Emmerich in-joke). Godzilla itself is (IMO) quite well done with a very different look from the original (reflecting 'iguana' rather than 'dinosaur' origins) and the production has fun with the sheer scale of the monster. The opening credit scenes, which establish Godzilla's genesis, are extremely good and the film builds well from there to the arrival of the monster on the shores of Manhattan Island. The cast is fine: Mathew Broderick's playing the scientist who seems to always guess correctly and Maria Pitillo and Hank Azaria as intrepid reporters (both tropes familiar to anyone who has watched the Japanese films). Jean Reno is great as the French secret-service agent trying to ensure that the role France's nuclear tests in creating the current disaster remains unknown and he (and his team) have best lines in the film, riffing on both Gallic unflappability and the challenges of running a clandestine operation in America. Within the context of the film, a general plausibility is maintained (other than reconciling Godzilla's size and its ability to fit in the New York subway system) until the 'third act', an overdone and ridiculous chase scene that is by far the weakest part of the film. Future Japanese entries in the Godzilla franchise make the occasional amusing dig at Emmerich's fish-eating version of the iconic kaiju, but overall, I thought that the film was a worthy effort at 'Americanising' Toho's famous monster and liked the film more than most viewers (based on IMDB) and certainly more than most Godzilla-philes.

Reviewed by amheretojudge 3 / 10

running woud be a good idea..


It seems like a parody of the Jurassic Park and that too not funny or in a good way; it's a no go from the first frame to the last even though they may try to make it convoluted, it is not.

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