God's Own Country


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
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Ian Hart as Martin Saxby
Gemma Jones as Deirdre Saxby
Josh O'Connor as Johnny Saxby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lyonbrave 6 / 10

Two Isolated Heart's Come Together

God's Own Country is a film that Clearly parallels Broke Back Mountain. The movie is basically about two farmers who fall in love, just like in BBM. Broke Back Mountain was one of Hollywood's most visible gay movies of all time. It is hard to know if a gay film will ever generate as much buzz as Broke Back Mountain.

Though God's Own Country was not a blockbuster film like BBM, it is worthy of being watched, especially if you identify as a gay person. There is an honesty and purity to this film that was not in BBM. Perhaps, the love between Alec Secareanu's charchter and Josh O'Connor's is more believable because they are not big Hollywood names. For the most part both of these actors are widely unknown, though both men must be fairly talented actors to play gay so convincingly.

The pace of the movie is rather slow, which is why I could not give the film a higher rating. There are times the movie is simply not engaging or captivating enough to hold an audiences attention, though the overall movie is good, calling a movie remarkable simply because it has gay characters is a bit of an insult to film. A good film needs more than gay characters to be noteworthy and as a rule gay film's are rarely, good. That is not to say that Francis Lee did not write a strong artistic piece, it's just not very commercial of popcorn friendly, but not all movies have to be.

What I will say is the characters end up having sex through believable ways that are not romanticized. It's nice that the charterers are focused on each other and not in engagements with women. As bold as film tries to be most film still shows gays in the closet, instead of being free to love. At least this movie has an element of freedom in the characters spirits and strength towards how they love each other.

Reviewed by drtodds 10 / 10

More Than Just an Update of "Brokeback Mountain"!

"God's Own Country" (U.K. 2017) I have been anxiously awaiting the release date for this DVD!!! The comparisons to "Brokeback Mountain" are inevitable, but this IS a very different story. It is more updated......a bit more real.....grittier.......and more romantic than it's predecessor. Johnny is a family farmer (begrudgingly taking over the family farm after his father suffers a stroke leaving him disabled). He is bitter, feels trapped, and tries to numb his life with alcohol and NSA sexual encounters. Gheorghe is a Romanian immigrant -- the sole applicant for a position as a temporary hired hand during lambing season. He is a vagabond, yet more grounded, kinder and more in touch with his emotions than Johnny. What initially starts out as an adversarial relationship eventually grows into a loving partnership (with a few bumps along the way) -- kind of like what would have happened if Jack and Ennis would have both been comfortable with their sexuality from the start. The film tackles both xenophobia and homophobia head-on with no apologies. Be warned ahead of time -- some of the scenes are of a graphic nature (they show a couple of lambings and a bovine pregnancy check unfiltered!!!). ;) [5/5]

Reviewed by sugarfreepeppermint 9 / 10

brutal sensuality between two young men

No blood, no wounds, no scat, no fisting, no animals, no violence; Those are some of the requirements you will find on modern day gay dating sites. In this film you will find that all of the above are intrinsically part of the farmer's life. And in the case of our two young men working on the farm, these traits are interwoven with their homosexuality, and naturally so. The magic ingredient which makes of these brutalities, something sensual and healing, is love and tenderness. This film triggers ever so subtly many extreme fetish interests, very much visually so, and it is a welcome antidote to the usual anodyne gay urbanite's lifestyle and beautifully spared the monotonous modern day LGBT framework.

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