Gods of Egypt


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 124%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Spectec 8 / 10

Awesome fun spectacle

This movie is pretty much what you get when Alexander Proyas saw Clash of the Titans (2010) and Wrath of the Titans (2012), and says to himself "What the hell is this? This isn't Harryhausen!" ... and then he goes off an makes a pitch-perfect film that pays homage to the classics - Clash of the Titans, Jason and The Argonauts, etcetera.

It's awesomely done, with fight scenes reminiscent of Wuxia films from the 1980s, a color palette that's sublime, and a sense of humor that shines through.

Ignore the critics. Just enjoy a damn fine movie that hits all the right spots to enjoy with a bucket of popcorn.

Bonus: It has zero product placement - which makes up for I, Robot.

Reviewed by Tehmeh 7 / 10

Want some good, old-fashioned schlock? Are you 12? You're in luck!

First things first: this movie is silly, ridiculous and totally immune to any kind of criticism based on history, cultures, religions or ethnic backgrounds. Nothing about this movie even pretends to be serious.

Gods of Egypt is a throwback. If you're older, you remember those weird movies Hollywood used to push back in the day when everything was supposedly possible, even in black&white. You'd see amazing things, ambitious and grand settings, horrible special effects and cheesy acting. You were entertained in a way that's hard to describe. It was ridiculous, but yet charming. Gods of Egypt has a lot of those elements.

At its heart this is an adventure movie. There is young love, everyman characters among/against the gods, all kinds of fantastical scenery, quick pacing, plenty of back-and-forth dialogue to keep us entertained, tons of action and the "hero's journey" (two, in fact). Many characters have real character arcs, and the movie is never boring. It's simple, it's effective and it's quaint. It's what many movies used to be before we - the audience - decided that there is no more room for silly fantastical movies and everything must be dour, dark, believable and serious (not to mention the sensitive political climate). Movies now have rules restraining them, but I'm glad Gods of Egypt has no idea what "restraint" means.

I'll get the bad things out of the way. This movie is so fast, so full of action, settings and dots to connect that sometimes it feels like many "important" plot points or moments are just quickly breezed by, and the impact was often lost. Many of the effects look bad (but I count that as a plus, more about that soon), and some of the fight scenes aren't shot or edited well. Whenever there's fantastical action, you're not even sure what's happening. There are times when this movie becomes a blur. Some of the acting is cheesy, but remember: most of the actors know exactly what kind of a movie they're in.

More about the effects and the acting. Often the special effects are bad - and just bad enough that you're enjoying it as a modern version of an old movie where the effects were just as noticeable, only this time it's CGI instead of some elaborate trickery. They're also interesting enough to watch so you don't get bored. It's so fitting, and I can't hold it against the film - on the contrary, the mood was set early on. This is cheese, this is schlock. The actors knew it too, almost every one of them, and it's fun in a surreal way to see a bunch really respected actors in a movie like this. Only Nikolaj Coster-Waldau seemed to be unsure of how to play his character, but his natural charisma (which is ample) is enough. Gerard Butler is clearly having fun, and Elodie Yung along with Chadwick Boseman brings tons of energy to the cast. And if you don't at least smile when you see a very respected actor, Geoffrey Rush, hovering in the air and shooting magic lasers at some huge demonic worm beast while the Kingslayer is flying around in what looks like a weird Iron Man suit with wings, then I don't know what to tell you. Perhaps this isn't your movie.

I cannot emphasize the amount of silly action enough. I'm not even sure if I knew what was happening in the last 30 minutes, but I was giggling nonetheless. It was so weird. This is entirely different than getting a sensory overload from a Transformers movie or something like that, so no fear. This movie isn't out to assault your senses, it's just hyperactive and a little clueless in an innocent way.

I thoroughly enjoyed Gods of Egypt. It's bad in all the right ways, but it's also sincere and genuinely quaint at times. It even tries to tug at your heartstrings once or twice, and it can't quite get there, but even when it fails at something it still feels more honest than whatever pretentious blockbuster of the week, because there is simply no cynicism in this film. It will never be anything else than a "fun movie" but I'm glad I watched it. I have no ill feelings towards it. Yes, it's silly, insane and almost a B-movie in many ways, but it does so like a child. I can't get mad at it, and I hope none of the people involved are ashamed of it because movies like this bring real joy to many people. If I was 12 years old, this movie would be my personal treasure.

Reviewed by kevinxirau 3 / 10

Not-so high fantasy.

2016 has been a crazy year for movies for better or for worse. We've had a stunning continuation of both Kung Fu Panda and Star Trek, an onslaught of superhero movies (two of which had the heroes fighting each other), film adaptations of several video games like Warcraft, Disney remakes getting critical praise, and a terrifying return to Japanese cinema by Godzilla. Amongst this plethora of treasured entertainment is one stinking turd under the name "Gods of Egypt". Whenever Egypt is brought into American movies or even TV, the focus is usually on just mummies, pyramids, and booby traps and that's about it. This is why I appreciate the filmmakers for doing something different by delving into the actual mythology of this ancient civilization and much of it is quite fascinating. It's just a shame that none of that can make this movie any good.

When god of the desert Set (Gerard Butler) murders his brother Osiris and steals the eyes of his nephew, sky god Horus, he begins his ruthless rule of the world with an iron fist, killing anyone who defies him be it man or god. A thief named Bek takes it upon himself to help Horus reclaim his eyes in exchange for resurrecting the woman he loves on an "epic" quest to save the world from Set's arrogance and cruel rule.

On paper, this seems like a fun adventure, but its execution is lackluster. Very few of the characters are the least bit interesting with the exception of the likes of Ra (Geoffrey Rush), the god of light whose whole character and concept is pretty interesting, and Anubis not only has a cool design but is thankfully NOT portrayed as a villain so much as a guy who is simply doing his job managing the afterlife. I can't give the same credit to the rest of the cast as they are all just flat out boring. Seriously, I care for nobody here, especially Set, whose accent is not only distracting here, but the actor seems like he's got nothing invested in his role and the evil plan is clich├ęd and full of holes. There's also the issue of "White-washing" in an Egyptian setting. I can see why people would be upset by this and I agree with them with the humans, though it's established that the gods can take on any form which is passable at most (still, they could be more ethnically accurate too).

Many of the visuals have some cool designs, but it's all generic CGI. Almost nothing is physically present in front of the camera, not even the water the characters waddle in in one scene. THE FREAKIN' WATER! While not inherently bad itself, CGI is already overused these days and I found myself easily bored by the same illusionary trick within the first quarter of the film. The story is a tad needlessly complicated and too damn long. Somewhere in the middle, I was thinking to myself "Is this mess gonna end anytime soon?" The music also sucks as I don't remember a single musical note, which really says something. The action is okay with a couple of nice twists, but nothing truly spectacular. Batman and Superman fighting each other for just eight minutes is much more engaging than all the action "Gods of Egypt" had to offer.

The best way to describe "Gods of Egypt" is a waste of time and money. To paraphrase "The Mummy": Compared to this, the Ten Plagues were a joy.

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