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Dustin Clare as Rory
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Magda Szubanski as Cassandra Wolfe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by plutus1947 10 / 10

Wonderful and thoroughly entertaining

This movie is tremendous, then its a cheap movie from Australia and I have yet to see a bad Aussie movie no matter how inexpensive it was to make.


The movie is about frustrated housewife Elspeth Dickens trying to run her household and bring up two exasperating twin boys while her husband James is away in the Antarctic trying to save the whales.

Elspeth harbours a not so secret wish to be a singer.

When hubby goes back to his whales she gets herself connected to the Internet and sings 'Kitchen Sink' songs to her webcam which uploads to YouTube. Her singing is performed in her kitchen, hence 'Kitchen Sink' songs.

Needless to say her performances goes viral.

Very quickly a big corporation realises Elspeth is a goldmine and wants her in their employ.


For what happens from then on you will have to watch the movie to find out.

Although made in Australia the two main stars were English and Southern Irish.

Elspeth was portrayed by the wonderful actress Laura Michelle Kelly and her husband James by Ronan Keating of the musical group Boyzone fame, who showed us that he is not only a great singer but a more than passable actor too.

Two others that definitely deserve a mention are Magda Szubanski, an Australian girl who may be better known for her portrayal as Esme Hoggett in Babe and Babe in Pig City.

Also another Australian actor who rightly deserves credit is Hugo Johnstone-Burt who plays Ralph. He also may be better known as Constable Hugh Collins in the wonderful Aussie crime series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

All played their parts admirably

A special mention must be made about Bryony Marks for the fantastic music and lyrics.

Two more who helped to make this movie so wonderful are twins Levi and Phoenix Morrison who play Elspeth's twin sons. They were wonderful but incorrigible. Please don't bring them to my home (Lol).

This movie has been likened to Mama Mia. Mama Mia was an absolutely wonderful movie and stage show but in some respects I believe Goddess was better because the songs and music were new.

Goddess also started life as a musical.

Go on spoil yourselves and get the DVD, cuddle up, turn the lights down low and enjoy this great, great movie.

Reviewed by Shopaholic35 4 / 10

Annoying and weird.

I didn't have much patience for this movie. I was expecting something quite different but instead found it pretty annoying. The main character was uninspiring, selfish and a bitchy old housewife. She was a terrible mother to two bratty twin boys with severe discipline problems. I don't know why she even had kids, she was utterly depressing.

The concepts just not working. You cannot honestly tell me people would actually watch her VLOG channel. She's just not a star and not as funny as she likes to think.

It was also incredibly odd to see the cast break out into song and dance. Maybe if they just focused on her musical videos instead of trying to turn the whole thing into an awkward musical it may have been better. But then again, probably not.

Reviewed by Daniel Laus 10 / 10

Brilliant movie! Bravo!

What a movie! This movie took me on a journey I never wanted to return from!

From the start of the movie right until the very end I was overcome with warm feelings deep in my soul.

For me to not get up for a toilet break and leg stretch during a movie means they must be doing something right!

The character of Helen was one I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm not sure if she has done any other movies but i found her screen presence and charm somewhat refreshing. Would love to see her feature more in the sequel.

Do yourself a favor and grab this one and a big serving of popcorn from Coles for an enjoyable night in!

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