God Help the Girl


Action / Drama / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 7714


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ComedyFan2010 6 / 10

Not much happening but still pleasant to watch

A movie about a young woman with an eating disorder trying to deal with the real life and using music.

It is a pretty nice idea. The movie doesn't really have much depth though. We don't really know much about characters and don't see them develop very far. It is just a little episode of their lives when they were talking about making a band.

The reason why it isn't a very deep movie is probably because it is a musical. There is more focus on the songs than on the characters and their personalities and stories. My problem in this case that I am not a fan of this kind of music. The songs had a pleasant sound to them but they all sounded kind of the same. Their performance was also not very exciting. Emily Browning was a great singer but there was nothing happening during the songs. Just some walking or sitting in a tub. The only song that stood out for me was the one they performed at the retirement home. This is probably because it was the one performance that seemed to have real energy and character.

Still the movie was not bad. I think what helped a lot were the visuals. The style and the settings were beautiful. My favorite part of the movie was them kayaking. Mainly because of the gorgeous scenery.

Reviewed by culicmladen 4 / 10


I adore the 2008. album God help the girl, but the movie is mainly below any expectation. Such a shame ... almost nothing works. maybe only two main characters are fine but the rest is so disappointing; other actors, story, tempo, etc..

I can't even remember if the title song is presented in the movie at all?? Someone else wrote that Hannay Murray is not the right actress for the role. I agree! I liked her in her role as long as she didn't sing. She ruined quite a few songs for me - not her fault, but directors/production

I wouldn't even recommend it to a hardcore fan of the God help the girl album. It just doesn't do justice to it.

Reviewed by mylesjongordon 7 / 10

Good film, ruined by awful casting.


Eva is a mentally unstable teenage girl, and finds that the only way to soothe herself is song writing. When she finds out about her musical talent, she escapes the hospital that she's in and stumbles across James in a nightclub. The two form a friendship and then Eva meets Cassie, who James mentors for guitar. They all decide to form a band.


The story, on the surface, is really good. Each scenario leading up to the band's formation is convincing and pretty realistic. Even during the band's "active" days, it's a somewhat convincing story. The ending.... yeah no. The ending really didn't do much for me at all, and left me with a feeling of "oh, that's it?". Pretty good story overall.


Stuart Murdoch (director and writer for GHTG) is a songwriter. He's written songs for Belle and Sebastian for around 3 decades, so it's no surprise that the songs in this film are top class, and reflect Stuart's obvious ability to write songs, even in the unfamiliar environment for writing for movies.


I've been following GHTG since around 2009, when the soundtrack with the original characters came out with. The voices in these were good singing voices, but I wasn't sure how the voices would be able to act.

Stuart Murdoch also probably thought this and got new members for the cast.

Emily Browning plays Eve, the main character. A pretty nice casting option if I'm honest. She fits the character pretty well and has a nice singing voice, and fits the film's vibe pretty well, holding strong in the sad and the happy parts of the film. Pretty convincing character.

Olly Alexander plays James. Again, a nice casting choice, with a nice singing voice and fits the hipster vibe of the film pretty well. Nothing to complain about here.

Now, seems good doesn't it? Well, let me get to f***ing Hannah Murray. Her voice is the most irritating thing I've ever heard in my life. She can't sing and all of her dialog and her scenes are ruined by her irritating voice. It's a shame that the main characters couldn't be all good.


This film is certainly great. Blank out Hannah Murray's voice, and you get some great songs out of it (wouldn't expect less from Stuart Murdoch) and a pretty feel-good vibe. It's overall a pretty nice romance/music film, although the ending just is kinda............... eh. Lazy and rushed ending just kinda ruins it a bit for me.

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