Goal! The Dream Begins


Action / Drama / Romance / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 44%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 55358


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Anna Friel as Roz Harmison
Sean Pertwee as Barry Rankin
David Beckham as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by studioAT 6 / 10

The goal to make a good football film

Although the sequels were diminishing (the 3rd one is terrible) this first in the FIFA commissioned series is a real gem that manages to both be about sport and also about real character and their emotions.

It's real fantasy stuff as Santiago Munez comes from LA to play for Newcastle Utd and the journey he goes through along the way. The actors all do some nice work in their roles and the script from La Frennis and Clement adds a fair bit of humour.

The football scenes themselves are a bit hit and miss, but certainly well attempted. If nothing else this film captures the spirit and love that people have with the English Premier League.

Overall my advice would be to watch this film and forget about the sequels.

Reviewed by encinozaalejandra 8 / 10


It's a very touching yet realistic movie that focuses on the life of a young man, Santiago. The characters were very well developed which made it easier to watch and understand, by the end of the movie you are so invested in his life that you don't want it to end. The participation of his dad, Gavin, Glen and his grandmother was very interesting yet intriguing in some cases.

It also gets you very involved in the sport (soccer) even though in my opinion that specific part of the movie wasn't very realistic. the movie is actually full of different emotions. In all, I enjoyed the movie and the characters very much.

Reviewed by rakanjoharji 8 / 10

it was amazing

The film was amazing and emotionally it was speaking about how you reach your goal. I liked it because the actors were good and the story was moving along. Also it was an example of a story that could happen to anybody. That made it amazing. However I have seen a lot of movies and for most if them I can predict the ending, so its boring sometimes. The movie works because it is, above all, sincere. It's not sports by the numbers. The starring performance by Kuno Becker is convincing and dimensional and we begin to care for him. He plays Santiago Munez, a busboy in a Los Angeles Chinese restaurant, who plays in an after-work soccer league so deprived that he wears cardboard shin protectors. Then he's spotted by a former soccer pro (Stephen Dillane), who tells him he has potential, and arranges for him to get a tryout with Newcastle United.

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