Girls Trip



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
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Mike Colter as Stewart Pierce
Jada Pinkett Smith as Lisa Cooper
Kate Walsh as Elizabeth Davelli
Morris Chestnut as Morris Chestnut
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by westsideschl 2 / 10


Typically these reunion films are white guys in hot tubs/saunas; chasing sex; lots of party w/music scenes; obscenities every other line (most lines are kept short with monosyllabic words so as to be understandable by audience); some sort of inane conflict either between reunionists or with others; reunion group almost always has a demographic mix of a successful, a stable, an out-of-control, and a quiet shy type. So it is with this film except the drinking, partying and especially the obscenities dominant every scene. IMDb does not permit even a direct quote of a few cuss word examples (but they do promote the product to any age) so just imagine the f word with mother in front of it said every other line along with the word that describes one's rear end used in describing uncommon sex along with a couple of different derogatory terms for a female and you get the picture of the type of humor that dominates and what the film and is all about.

Reviewed by starmeadow-84950 1 / 10

TERRRRRRIBLE MOVIE - Do not waste your time!

What drags this to a zero star (I wish I could give) rating is the ridiculous use of profanity. Character refer to their friends as "B**ches" ...f bombs....gross out jokes that fall flat. Why do screenwriters, directors and producers keep adding F bombs and swear words where it is totally unnecessary? When I trained in Improvisational comedy at Second City swearing was banned in class as that was considered a cheap laugh which cut short any character development. If you have to use that language to get a laugh you do not have any comedic skill whatsoever.

This movie showcases a total lack of imagination by the screenwriter and director. It insults black culture with clichéd characters, an unbelievable plot...whoever is responsible for this movie please go into a different line of business.

Reviewed by anabelramirezg 10 / 10

Great movie very educational.

Girls Trip Movie Review. I tried not to but some of you will think I'm spoiling so read at your own risk. . . . . . I loved, loved, loved this movie. Besides being a comedy and have lots of rated R scenes and vocabulary, is very educational. I think everyone (specially women) should watch it. It shows the value of friendships and how important it is to stay close with the ones who love you the most, no matter the differences you have. It shows that it is okay to let loose and have some fun, you don't need to be so uptight, life is better when you're willing to take risks and enjoy. It shows an issue that unfortunately happens everywhere in the world: how women stay in bad and destructive relationships because they get so used to this person and are willing to diminish themselves and stay in the relationship out of the fear of being alone. It shows reality on how people can't have it all. It doesn't matter how hard you try, or how good you want to be seen in the eyes of others, your life is NEVER perfect. Most importantly this movie is about being honest with yourself. Realize when you're acting wrong and changing your path.

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