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Tim Curry as Gingerclown
Sean Young as Nelly the Spiderwoman
Brad Dourif as Worm Creature
Lance Henriksen as Braineater
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Reviewed by idrimbe 1 / 10


It was terrible... Why have we seen this movie ever? I was bored during the movie, nothing special was happening... Only obscene words and lame creators with last century's technologies. ***Spoiler*** Why did the guy go to the park only because of some foolish jocks, and why did the girl follow him? And when they heard the strange voices, and saw creators, why did they not leave the park?

Reviewed by dwhite4210 1 / 10

Not worth your time, even for those who love low-budget horror

I don't know how they got these actors to sign on (Brad Dourif, Tim Curry). It starts out decent, creating a fun, B-grade horror movie atmosphere and then just turns into a total turd. The only reason I didn't turn it off was that we paid $2.99 to rent it. There are puppet effects for the creatures which start out fun but then turn into something reminiscent of a cheap haunted hayride. Look, I know that with a title like Gingerclown, I wasn't in for much but holy hell was this movie bad.It really had a lot of potential to start but just kept dragging on. I honestly felt that it would've been more successful as a short.

Reviewed by GL84 1 / 10

Truly terrible and barely worthwhile

Trying to impress a woman, a man's attempts to infiltrate a supposedly-abandoned amusement park as part of a club initiation causes them to encounter a series of demonic creatures living in the park and forces them to work together in order to get out alive.

This here was quite a bland and overall disappointing fantasy/horror effort. Among the big flaws here is the fact that there's just little-to-no actual horror within this one, as the film tends to run through quite a pronounced and extended period of time with nothing happening. There's such a drawn0oiyut bit of him getting initiated with the club and their activities that it really gets off on a bad foot with a truly lame start and it's worse off as it goes along as the scenes of them wandering around the different set-pieces in the carnival aren't all that good. It just simply consists of them wandering around the different parts of the carnival meeting with the creatures and doesn't really seem to offer up any actual rhyme or reason why they're meeting up with them or even offering up anything as to why the creatures are there to begin with. This creates such a distorted and jangly storyline here because it simply consists of things happening that feel completely designed to top one another in the weirdness stakes rather than engaging in any kind of useful or coherent storyline, making for a truly bland premise that doesn't feel like it's mined to it's maximum potential. Likewise, there's little about the creatures here or even why they're created with obvious puppets that don't look or move anything like real, normal creatures would do as they're clearly pulled about on set by wires that are seen numerous times over and are seemingly put there only for the famous voice actors to voice the creatures in order to get them onto the film's box-art. Even more infuriating is the fact that there's just such cringe-inducing comedic attempts throughout here that don't really offer up any kind of true laughs here and really just don't give the film much of any kind of impact here as the lame-ness of the jokes and suspected gags featured here which are clearly intended to be funny yet clearly fails which knocks the film down even more. The last big flaw to this one here is the needless inclusion of the spider-battle sequence, which is lame, completely unfunny and seems so illogical about why she'd join in so easily that it really loses its impact. While all of these bring the film down, it's the first issue here that really hurts it the most and makes the film's few positives seem so few and far between. Since the entire film consists of them running around the carnival after-dark, there's a sense of claustrophobia that's effectively captured here with the darkness and shadows that are put into perfect use at times here and making this one really chilling at times, with the stage for some rather fun chases coming here. The only other worthwhile element here is the utterly demented atmosphere that's conjured up here meeting up with all these different demonic creatures in such relentlessly- paced encounters that it does have a somewhat fun pace. Otherwise, there's little about this one that works.

Rated R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.

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