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Chris Evans as Frank Adler
Jenny Slate as Bonnie Stevenson
Elizabeth Marvel as Gloria Davis
Octavia Spencer as Roberta Taylor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brien1951 10 / 10

I rarely watch this type of movie - but this was worth watching more then once

I'm going to make this a simple review - acting was outstanding for almost everyone. What I'd really like to know is how did Hollywood figure out how to take an very talented adult actress and make her look like a seven year old? Mckenna Graces performance is well beyond her years. I expect we'll see many great performances from her in the years to come. Chris Evans has come a long way from Johnny Storm and I look forward to seeing him in more dramatic roles. Octavia Spencer was great in Hidden Figures but in this different type of role, I think she did just as good of job with the amount of screen time she had. And on a final note, let's give Fred a big round of applause in a "supporting role:

Reviewed by ayjazak 10 / 10

A Movie That Can Make U Smile,Cry,Laugh And What Not !!!

It Is A Emotional Movie Not Many Will Risk To Watch It And Leave It For "Boring" Just After Reading The Storyline That's Why It Isn't Much Known Yet But Gifted Is Not A Kind Of Movie That Is Watched Once.. I Have Seen It Several Times And I Have Re-lived Every Emotion...

Reviewed by ryanmatthews28 7 / 10

A Solid Custody Drama

Gifted is the story of a young girl, Mary (Mckenna Grace), who is being raised alone by her uncle Frank (Chris Evans)in a small home. Aside from Frank, Mary's closest relationship is with her neighbor Roberta (Octavia Spencer). As soon as Mary begins attending the first grade at a local public school, it quickly becomes clear to her teacher, Bonnie (Jenny Slate), and the school administrators that Mary is a mathematical genius. This comes as no surprise to Frank, who is well aware of Mary's advanced gifts. Despite the best efforts of the school to convince Frank to allow Mary to attend school at a nearby prestigious academy to better serve her intellect, he refuses to separate her from her average classmates. The reasons for Frank's stubbornness become clearer as Mary's estranged grandmother, Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan), enters the picture and attempts to take control of Mary's future.

This is a fairly straightforward film, although there are a number of developments along the way that should bring surprise. The film moves along well and by the climax of the second act, I was very much invested in the struggle for Mary's future between Frank and Evelyn. The cast is solid with the standout performance belonging to Lindsay Duncan, who raises Evelyn to more than just some cold intellectual. Viewers may be more inclined to support Frank, but Evelyn's fight is reasonable not just for the well-being of Mary, but also for the good Mary could bring to the world. There is value to both Frank and Evelyn's viewpoints and the courtroom scenes later in the film do a good job of demonstrating those strengths while avoiding heavy-handedness. The direction of Marc Webb is admirable for avoiding overblown segments that could have easily brought the film down.

For all that, Octavia Spencer is underutilized as the caring neighbor Roberta. The relationship between Roberta and Mary never feels earned and she exists mostly to validate Frank's fight against the school and then against Evelyn. Her own stake in Mary's outcome could have been given greater weight had she been given some more to do onscreen. Overall, Gifted is a good film that takes a predictable premise and gives it enough of its own unique spin to make it an appealing drama.

7.0/10 B+

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