Ghoulies II


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 4.3 10 3697


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Phil Fondacaro as Sir Nigel Penneyweight
Royal Dano as Uncle Ned
Anthony Dawson as Priest
Sasha Jenson as Teddy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 3 / 10

No improvement over the first film.

The first Ghoulies was a success off the back of Gremlins, a case of casual movie fans expecting it to be just like Joe Dante's wickedly dark horror comedy. How disappointed they must have been (I rented it in the '80s, but knew very well what I was letting myself in for).

This second outing for FX man John Carl Buechler's demonic rubber hand puppets is just as underwhelming as the original—not in the slightest bit scary or funny. This time around, the toothy, malevolent creatures cause havoc at a carnival, starting off by attacking visitors to a haunted house before escaping to spread the mayhem to other rides and attractions.

Unlike Gremlins, the diminutive creatures in Ghoulies II are utterly charmless, and with dreadful performances, a weak script, uninspired direction and risible effects, Ghoulies II is a major turd. I can't, however, say that I was disappointed, because I had fully expected it to be terrible.

Reviewed by jacobjohntaylor1 9 / 10

A great horror film

Ghoulies is not a good movie. But one good thing about it is that it is a precursor to this film. This is a very scary movie. It is one of the scariest movie of all time. It has a great story line. It also has great acting. It also has great special effects. It is scarier then The Shinning. And that is not easy to do. This is a very scary movie. Do not see the first Ghoulies movie. Just see this movie. It is one of the best horror movie of all time. All it has to do with the first Ghoulies movie is that the monsters in this movie look similar to the monster in this movie. This is a great film. I do not no why this got 4.2. That is just underrating it. This is no 4.2. I give it 9 out 10. This is a great movie I do not know why people do not know that.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

better than the original

A man tries to destroy a ghoulie in a drum of solvents at a gas station and is killed. Larry and Uncle Ned stop the Satan's Den truck at the gas station and several ghoulies sneak on. They arrive at the Hardin Family Carnival. Business man Phillip Hardin audits his late father's money-losing amusement park threatening to close it down. He gives them one week to turn their fortune around. He tells Sir Nigel Penneyweight that he's turning Satan's Den into a mud wrestling show. Larry and Uncle Ned set up Satan's Den. The ghoulies start their killings and become part of the attraction.

This is slightly better than the original. The most important reason being that any cheesiness is excused by being a carnival setting. It makes everything including the ghoulies more reasonable. The carnival is supposed to be cheesy. This one is also more fun. It's less amateurish in both the scale and the acting. This is simply better.

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