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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 1 / 10

Run the decoder!

The film opens with the horrific deaths of Martha (Phyllis Spielman) and Gabby (Anna Harr) by a man with a mask and a voice enhancer so we can't understand what he is saying. Henry (Stephen Manley) the father in the family invites a team of ghost hunters to a home so he can put their souls to rest after they were tortured for a long period of time with the home prepared for torture.

Our team has special glasses to see ghosts and a machine to capture them and turn them into ectoplasma that is not fluorescent green. Oh yes they have that binary thing to extract a voice.

You have the film figured out when the guy inside the house behind the police barricade opens the door. This is a poorly conceived Asylum mockbuster for the new and most likely better "Ghost Busters 2." It is a bad combination of ghost/slasher movie, filmed at one location to save money.

Guide: No sex or nudity. No swearing in FF mode. Pearry Reginald Teo should not be writing or directing films. He sucks at it.

Reviewed by tomg-76291 10 / 10

Great Film, Amazing Acting

What a wonderful surprise. As a horror fan I highly recommend Ghosthunters. It has a great twist that was very unexpected, also a story line that makes sense. I am familiar with Pearry Teo's work, having recently seen The Curse of Sleeping Beauty. This film exceeded that film by far for me. The acting was incredible, stellar casting. I was very impressed with the emotional level and the adrenaline of the actors. The cinematography was also very well done. The set of the house also looked great (Curse of Sleeping Beauty) fell short for me in that department. I would definitely give this one a spin. I actually just purchased the DVD as well.

Reviewed by WolvenTeeth 2 / 10

Asylum aims for the middle again.

I signed up for IMDb just to write this review. I think that is an important thing to make note of. I came into possession of this movie and saw NO reviews of it, only a semi-favorable rating. I thought, "I can enjoy a bad horror movie now and again, so why not give it a go? I should not have given it a go.

Whenever you start a horror movie and the "Asylum" logo appears on screen, you already know what to expect. Unless you're drunk, you will not enjoy this movie.

The acting is bad. The visuals are mediocre. The story is uninteresting and you will predict the ending at around the 30 minute mark of the movie. You may ask yourself if you should even bother continuing to watch at this point, the answer is no.

There is a woman in this movie who is supposed to be hacking for some reason, I guess she's hacking ghosts? I stopped paying attention to what she was supposed to be doing when I realized that her computer screen was just a random number generator and she was mashing keys haphazardly the entire time.

There is a scene where shadowy ghoulish figures appear - however it is clear that they are just men in black morph suits, complete with visible wrinkles and seams.

The best part of the film is right at the end when the credits are over and you can go reflect about how you wasted about 90 minutes of your life and you will never get them back.

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