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Melissa McCarthy as Abby Yates
Kristen Wiig as Erin Gilbert
Bill Murray as Martin Heiss
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by benkir 1 / 10

What a terrible move

This has to be one of the worst and most embarrassing movie to come out in a long time. It was absolutely pathetic.

Reviewed by Toodlebug500 6 / 10

Not funny or original

The problem with this film is that it is not funny or original, where as the film which this is based on is both these things.

The best things about the film are it's design, action and special effects and the diligent performances of the cast, it's unfortunate that they have such a poor story and dialogue to contend with.

It's obvious to see that there was plenty of improvisation going on here, especially after watching the out-takes, it's just a shame that the jokes are so poor. Not everyone can improvise as well as Bill Murray. This film was really starting off on the wrong foot by attempting to compete with the original.

My mum and dad watched this with me, my mum's comments were that it should have been a 'new' take on Ghostbusters, there were too many throwbacks to the original story and situations. And simply, some parts just weren't very good.

My dad's thoughts were, 'is this supposed to be funny?'

Strangely though, there's one moment in this film that is undeniably cool and that's when Holtzmann unleashes those proton whips and the old theme tune plays.

Otherwise this is very light on entertainment, save for the pretty colours and executions of the scenes that actually have ghosts in them.

Reviewed by dougieritch 2 / 10


This movie had the initial hurdle of attempting to remake a classic film in Ghostbusters (1984). I generally like all four female cast members and find them funny (SNL, etc); however, the script and directing for this movie were TERRIBLE and didn't allow them to shine. There were a couple of times I laughed a little but it fell short in terms of a "comedy" with this cast. On a side note, I did find Chris Hemsworth's performance rather entertaining and funny; it was nice to see his comedic side opposite of the Thor movies. Overall, I do not blame the female cast, the script and directing are to blame; ultimately, I would skip this movie and save two hours of your life.

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