Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance


Action / Fantasy / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 4.3 10 99829


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Idris Elba as Moreau
Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider
Johnny Whitworth as Ray Carrigan
Ciarán Hinds as Roarke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andrew Pelechaty 7 / 10

Harmless fun!

At first glance, 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' seems like an unnecessary sequel, another example of Hollywood mining old ideas and slapping the 3D label on it for a higher ticket price.

When viewed in right 'spirit', GR:SOV is a bit of harmless fun, a mindless superhero/action film where you can turn your brain off and relax. It's a nice antidote to the slew of overly serious superhero films.

Set in Eastern Europe, the plot is an unoriginal demon-possession story (done far better in the Omen franchise), with young Danny (Fergus Riordan) being chosen by Roarke (Cirian Hinds) to carry his evil legacy. On the proviso that he's rid of his curse, Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze (Nic Cage) agrees to help Danny's mother Nadya (the absolutely stunning Violante Placido) save her boy.

Probably the highlight of the film is Nic Cage, who unashamedly hams it up. Sometimes it's fun to watch someone play a bad role with gusto and no shame. That's exactly what Cage does, and you know he's having a ball. More power to him.

This is complemented by some cool special effects, again they're cheesy, but a film about a demoniacally possessed daredevil with a flaming body and skull doesn't have to worry too much about realism.

Yes, GR:SOV is a bad film compared to 'Iron Man', 'Thor' and 'Captain America', but its good fun and a bit of escapism. If you go into it with the right attitude, you'll probably like it. Sometimes we need to stop taking films so seriously and enjoy them as they were intended.

Reviewed by mjlower-28991 10 / 10

When critics get butthurt....

Let me begin by stating that every Marvel fan should get on their knees and thank the universe that there is even a Ghost Rider movie for them to watch. That being said... I'm so tired of critics throwing movies "under the bus" when they don't get a FREE screening. It's childish and abhorrent to us adults who work for a living. This movie was great in my opinion. I'm forever thankful that we live in such times as to have believable effects in movies. All these spoiled brats who grew up on Harry Potter have no idea what is was like growing up in the 70's and 80's when all there was was "blue screen" effects. Have you seen TRON? That's what was available for me growing up....and I loved every minute of it. Now.... these days CG effects are incredible and that seems to be every reviewers problem with this film. How about not focusing on CG and watching the movie? This movie is great... it has it all. So don't be a jerk...give this movie a chance first... trust your own self and make a decision of your own... Thanks...

Reviewed by Alexandr Orlov 3 / 10

Inept continuation of quite a good first part.

A very weak plot, a feeling that they were just trying to fill some time with something. Design - as if the schoolchildren filmed an amateur film as a project for graduation.

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