Ghost in the Shell


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
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Michael Pitt as Kuze
Juliette Binoche as Dr. Ouelet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TainĂ¡ Muniz (tuttiane) 8 / 10


I loved how her character evolved throughout the film and all of the cyberpunk scenario.

Reviewed by stevenrotherforth 6 / 10

Sadly it's too little, too late

Ghost in the shell (2017)

The adaptation of the popular anime title of the same name. The live action version of Ghost in the shell seems to have arrived late to the party. A visually stunning piece of cinema which looks to have borrowed from every Sci-Fi classic made in the last thirty years or so. This couldn't be further from the truth when in fact it is many a movie that has actually took inspiration from Shrirow Masamune's work.

This live action version on face value looks wonderful but it sadly lacks depth and the storyline soon descends into the norm with a Robocop 2 -esque finale. Speaking of Robocop there are hints and nods to that movie throughout. Or should that be the other way around? Unless you are a fan of Anime and Manga then like me you won't be familiar with this films premise. This has allowed many mainstream Sci-fi script writers to capitalise on Ghost in the shells extensive imagery and boundless concepts.

The story tells of Major, the first of her kind. A human brain united with a complete robotic frame. Enhanced to be the perfect soldier. A soul trapped in a manufactured shell struggling to find what it is to be human again. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Scarlett Johansson gives a solid performance but it is sad that the movie scores only just above average considering that the source material is so rich with creativity. The opening titles of this movie accompanied by a wonderfully haunting score trick the audience into believing that they are going to witness something truly special. Sadly after the films title is displayed the movie fails to deliver. By no means is Ghost in the shell a bad movie. It's maybe that my expectations were a little too high. It's is maybe that this movies biggest problem is that it has indeed arrived too late. We've all seen it before.

The Blade runner style visuals are pleasing on the eye and look fantastic in Hi-def but there's too much style over substance. I for one must check out the original anime version of the story to fully appreciate Masamunes work.

I can't say I didn't get any enjoyment from this movie because i did. The sight of Johansson dispatching bad guys at first glance totally naked is worth the admission price alone.

A shame then that this movie is too little, too late.

Reviewed by mmackey-72535 9 / 10

An overall undeserved beating for an ultimately great movie.

As this movie approached theaters there was an almost turn of events that led to people feeling like it was an ugly picture to go see and it seemed like the media got on that hype train helping render it a global failure that it DID NOT remotely deserve. The ticket sales evaporated by and large based on the grievances anime fanboy's had in it casting white characters into roles that in the anime were by and large... white characters. *gasping* I mean... did we really expect them to put Jackie Chan in as Batou? Jet Li as Kuze? Maggie Q as Major? The casting was EXTREMELY well done and provided the character appearances to their anime persona's in a very faithful way regardless of skin color or country of origin. Why this became the sticking point to a movie produced for global audiences is beyond me. It is a very Nationalistic world right now and so many lines drawn in the sand about race, creed, culture are dividing a society that needs to come together in greater appreciation.

And the greater irony in many reviews? That it stuck too closely to the script in most capacities. ?!? What?!? The whole point of bringing a story from Anime to big production movie... is to take a great storyline and depict it in live-action to an audience that may or may not EVER watch the anime! As someone that has watched both the anime and the movie... I thought they did a great job of remaining faithful to a good body of the original script and even recapturing some of the original anime scenes respectfully to the original.

And where they deviated? I honestly felt it left things left ambiguous and more humane. In the anime I got less of a sense of the torment and pain that Major felt in having her ghost's history erased than I did with Scarlett's portrayal in the movie. I felt like Kuze's character was faithful to "The Puppet Master" in the anime without having the hokey "Puppet Master" name attributed. Both portrayed robotic figures very well showing the sense of emotionless facade that you generally attribute with machines, but... the reality unfolding of finding out who they are (and the inner emotion that isn't facially expressed) helped the inner human of their ghosts come out to reveal the torment they were under. Yes... you don't see the emotion through their shell, but I never felt you did in the anime either. I thought that was kind of... the point?

I saw a review blasting that there was no backstory and the reality was... they kept the backstory from you to build suspense! Reality... the anime started out the exact same way. The long starting sequence during the credits was literally grifted from the long starting sequence from the anime (faithfully reproduced with minor creative freedoms). And the deviation in Major in the movie pining to know her past, to find out her history, the questions as to why she doesn't remember so much... and the glitches that pop in/out that give her clues and semblances were a nice touch that built along the way. You learned that the medication she was given and told would help her was actually there to suppress and block her past from coming back to her (as Kuze told her). In many ways, this was FAR less ambiguous than the open ended nature of the anime's story which didn't really seem to tie up the loose ends or add the human element back in.

Had they just gone in and showed you that from minute one... why bother with the rest of the movie? LoL I mean, you kind of want to unravel the fact that this big business robotics industry is stealing people's ghosts, corruptly mutilating their bodies to steal their brains, and embed them into robots to try to build elite robotic fighters/weapons for armies for the future? If we were told that from minute one... there'd not be a whole lot more to tell or much reason to watch the rest of the movie. In that vain, I thought the writing was very well done. I felt the emotionless state of Scarlett's face was a very digital persona that hid the inner torments and questions that lurked through various capacities in the story that unfolded over time.

Having Major learn of and know her mother, having her know of her past, having her know that she was an anti-technologist runaway that had her human life taken from her and her ghost severed from her original human shell to be put into a technological robotic shell (with far more idealistic visual depictions that fall inline with even the very nature of "large eyed" anime characters derived from a more western visual than Asian culture) and the obvious future suffering to endure knowing that which you stood against is now the very embodiment of your current existence? There's a layer of complexity to both accepting it (no choice) and trying to maintain or find as much of her previous livelihood as she possibly can, even with her love in Kuze being taken from her (again). It is her new balance that she has to endure going forward. She was handed lemons, she's trying to make the best lemonade she can... while doing what she does in the here and now.

People want to say... "It's not the anime" that are anime fans. True. But if you went in anticipating it being the anime, you're missing the point and you're selling the movie short. It's unfair to expect it to be the anime. And yet there's a large number of anime fans that felt like the storyline for the movie should be completely different, or felt like the characters shouldn't look anything like the original anime, or felt like the movie gave away too much and should've been as ambiguous as the anime. To which point... why even do Ghost in the Shell if it's NOT Ghost in the Shell? If you're going to be creative with it, it should at least remain 80% faithful to the original and I felt it was EASILY that close. I feel they did an exceptional job, I felt it was faithful where it mattered and more humane when it absolutely and necessarily improved the plot.

I give it 9 stars.

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