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Chadwick Boseman as James Brown
Allison Janney as Kathy
Viola Davis as Susie Brown
Dan Aykroyd as Ben Bart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kisami777 10 / 10

Excellent Acting by Chadwick

Chadwick Boseman's acting, in my opinion, was excellent. I really, really, can't believe or understand why he and this movie didn't win an Academy Award. Maybe because I tend to lean more toward natural and believable acting roles than those of generally expected, predictable roles. All the actors were so good and I just watched it again on TV (CTRC) and still enjoyed it as if I was watching it for the first time. That's when you know a movie is good...that's the measuring tool. Plus James Brown's life was an interesting one, no doubt. He rose through the ashes and made something of himself, almost as if, it was just plain destiny. Even though he was treated so bad as a child, it made him the man he became and nobody can take that away...nobody.

Reviewed by sanjin_9632 8 / 10

This is it. Best biopic ever.

This is Boseman's best so far. I saw Message From The King like a week ago and this is far better since the role demands more and Boseman pretty much nailed it. Every role is cast perfectly. Something I can seldomly say about most movies. Especially Nelsan Ellis as Bobby Byrd and Craig Robinson as Maceo Parker are worthy mentions.

Yeah, JB did drugs, beat women and probably even worse, but I had the pleasure of seeing him perform in Vienna a year and a half before he died, and I gotta admit, even though the guy was about 70, he still had it. The audience wasn't worthy of a JB, the Godfather Of Soul, Mr. Dynamite, Mr. Funk, since there were only about a 1000 people in a venue where 3000 would fit.

JB represents something most people from my generation can't even comprehend. I'm not sure I fully understand it. A shiny figure from a past era, when being a musician, entertainer had a slightly different tone to it, a different meaning maybe even.

This movie is very much entertaining, like the man himself and if even half of it is true in some way or another, this definitely deserves a good rating 7.5/10

Reviewed by matt11791 5 / 10

What could have been.

Just want to start by saying that this really is a terrific picture. Well shot, well made, tells the Brown story to a T all the greatest hits and lowest points of his life. This film does feature a fatal flaw however. It is edited in the poorest of fashion. The way it jumps all about from year to year blows throw the point of being a distraction to being something that both detracts from and ruins an otherwise terrific movie. Classic case of someone being too clever for their own good.

"Ray" and "Walk the Line" tell (for the most part) an in order, hit by hit tale of their subjects careers, with some flashback sequences. So this movie trying to do something different makes sense in that they are trying to separate themselves from "normal" music biopics. In doing so, they really failed everyone they were working with and I can't believe no one stepped in to make a more coherent movie of this great material and subject matter.

If they ever come along with a "chronological" cut of this movie, I will happily give it 9 stars, and stop my day to check it out. As is, 5 and a hard but fair 5 for some of the worst editing of what could have been great movie that we will ever see.

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