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Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Western

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moran-78845 8 / 10

Not sure what it was all about, but I enjoyed it!

This is an extremely bizarre movie that is still a great deal of fun. A cowboy delivers a beautiful princess to Spain for $1,000 and the promise of more. However, it is a strange Spain full of medieval Vandals and Moors fighting with swords, muskets and cannons. There are magical elements to the story that makes things even more outlandish. At one point the cowboy starts howling like a wolf. Later on, he turns black. It is still great fun to watch. Tony Anthony, once again, takes on incredible odds, and still wins!

Reviewed by spider89119 9 / 10

Not your average spaghetti western

This movie is a lot of fun, and deserves more credit than it gets. It is quite unique among westerns, or even spaghetti westerns. It's so odd, in fact, that it really defies categorization.

Though it is without question a gloriously over-the-top spaghetti western, it actually relates more closely to "Army of Darkness." In fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Sam Raimi was influenced by this film before he directed that great third installment in the "Evil Dead" series. In this film, Tony Anthony plays his usual role of "the stranger" (kind of a "man-with-no-name' type of character). We learn right away that there is something supernatural going on here as the movie opens with the stranger being dragged by his horse into a ghost town. On the way there, they pass a strange silver orb, then when they get there, the horse has a heart attack and dies as the town bell tolls unexplainedly. Anthony walks into a building where he meets a witch who has the same silver orb at the table where she sits. He finds out he's been summoned to escort a Spanish princess back to Spain and help her regain her throne from "barbarian" invaders who appear to be from another time. This all happens in the first five minutes! I don't want to give away too much of the story, so I'll just say that the stranger's tasks are to deal with the barbarians, rescue the princess, find a treasure that is guarded by ghosts, and collect money that was promised to him by the witch. The movie is quite comical and full of slapstick, and just like Ash in "Army of Darkness," the stranger unloads a huge can of whoop-ass on an army of foes. I would love to see the plot of this movie "borrowed" for a sequel to the Evil Dead series. Ash could once again be sent back in time, but this time to the old west where he would be the stranger. Change the treasure to the Necronomicon, have it guarded by Deadites, and bam you've got Evil Dead 5! They wouldn't even have to change much of the dialog as most of the stranger's lines would be perfect for Bruce Campbell as Ash.

Tony Anthony is great, as usual, in this one. He's like the Rodney Dangerfield of spaghetti westerns in that he doesn't get the respect he deserves. Eastwood's "man-with-no-name" may be the king of "cool," but Tony Anthony's "stranger" is more of a character, and just as tough. The other actors and actresses in the film do an excellent job also. I especially liked the character of "Sambra," a crazy Hunchback who thinks he's the reincarnation of Richard III.

This movie isn't for everyone. If you go into it thinking it is just a wacky late-era spaghetti western, and try to fit it into that mold, you will think it is trying too hard, and will probably find it to be just slightly amusing and nothing more. But if you can understand and appreciate the film for what it really is, and especially if you've enjoyed "Army of Darkness," you should definitely enjoy this one.

Reviewed by Mike 3 / 10

Explosion of bad ideas

3 is a strange number to choose as a vote. It implies that the film was bad but it had some (one or two) redeeming qualities (or maybe a single laugh). Although, in this case, I'm unsure what that quality was.

I like spaghetti westerns and chose to watch GET MEAN along these lines. Since the wife was having a sleep I figured I'd get away with watching it alone, but I was sprung not long after it started so I had the embarrassment of her incredulous looks to cope with.

It is not a good film. I suspect the director was drunk, his unsupervised crew raided the props shed while stoned, and three competing writers fell down the stairs together and got their screen plays mixed up.

It starts as a western and quickly escalates into the absurd. Somehow a fight with Vikings in a wild west ghost town, occurs after a witch tells the main character to escort a Spanish princess somewhere. Along the way there are Goths, Huns, Spanish conquistadors, a treasure hunt, more witches, a flaming gay dude, a rich hunchback, and an incoherent story-line so loosely tied together you need a really forgiving imagination to keep up.

The acting is atrocious and Post-production looks like an independent interpretation of the footage with no consultation with the director.

They spent a lot of money on pyrotechnics. Maybe that's where I got the 3 from.

Your credibility will suffer if you get caught watching this crap.

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