Get Carter


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
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Michael Caine as Jack Carter
Britt Ekland as Anna
Alun Armstrong as Keith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gogoschka-1 8 / 10

The Leanest, Meanest British Crime Thriller Ever

This film has a stunning Michael Caine play cold-blooded gangster Jack Carter on a quest for vengeance. Carter never wavers, he never strays from his path, he is like a surgical instrument that cuts down everything in his way with clinical precision without passion or mercy. If the Terminator were a human character, he would be Carter. Alfred he is not (hint: that's a Batman reference) . One of the best British crime flicks ever. 8 stars out of 10.

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Reviewed by HotToastyRag 7 / 10

Michael Caine is gorgeous--and a great actor, too!

In the era of horrible style also known as the seventies, thank goodness for Michael Caine. Despite the ridiculous sideburns and excessive hair gel, his beautiful blond curls break free and wave to the audience, reminding the ladies that he's not confined by the hairdo of the decade. If you never really thought of Michael Caine as a sex symbol, you've obviously never seen Get Carter. Get Carter, one of his most famous films of that time period, shows off every single one of his talents, illustrating why he was and is such a fantastic icon.

The plot is simple: Michael Caine's brother was killed, and he sets out to make the bad guys pay. If you like vigilante justice movies, you'll love watching one of the earliest examples of the genre. While the beginning is a little slow, just remind yourself that it was made in 1971, and all movies were practically required to have slow starts back then.

However, because of Michael Caine's acting chops, the film is much more than just a vigilante justice movie. Yes, he goes around killing bad guys, but his face shows so much more emotion than is written out in the dialogue. When he learns some unpleasant family secrets, he's hurt, disgusted, guilty, angry, and remorseful-all in about three seconds of a close-up. He switches his persona from scene to scene, easily convincing audiences that he's completely in the moment and aware of his intentions, whether he's mourning the loss of a life or taking someone's life. The same man whose eyes brim with tears turns hard and callous when he threatens bad guys. He's incredibly seductive with every woman he meets, and while his one-track mind is visible to the audience, in an instant he turns the charm off and returns to his main goal. It's awe-some, and a bit frightening; from a woman's point of view, if Michael Caine's character were real, I know it would be dangerous to get involved but it would also be impossible to resist him.

One aspect of the film that I liked was the lack of gore, and once again that's due to the time period of its production. There's plenty of violence, but very little blood, and the tone isn't at all diminished. At the same time, while the violence was toned down, the sexual material was ramped up, earning an X rating during its initial release. Now, since movies are much more violent and have frequent sex scenes, it's been given an R rating. But boy, are those scenes steamy, even by today's standards! I don't think it's possible to watch this movie and not develop a massive crush on Michael Caine. If any part of you doubts me, give it a watch and get ready to fall in lust.

Kiddy warning: Obviously, you have control over your own children. However, due to nudity and graphic sex scenes, I wouldn't let my kids watch this movie.

Reviewed by PimpinAinttEasy 7 / 10

The stuff they could get away with in the 70s

I watched a blu ray print of this. Jeez, the stuff they could get away with in the 70s with regard to portrayal of women and violence against them. can this be replicated? The answer is yes. Watch THE KILLER INSIDE ME (2010). But then, GET CARTER is on another level. The film is like an early warning against male feminists. MICHAEL CAINE is a womanizing tough guy out to avenge his brother who was found in a car in the sea with alcohol inside him. He treats women worse than objects of sex, he knows what they want, but when he sees a woman of his own blood in a porno film, being exploited, it gets his blood boiling and he goes on a killing rampage.

I liked the working class bars, the nudity, the seaside, the ferries and the dingy rooms all of which must characterize the decline of British civilization. The Victorians would have had a heart attack if they ever watched this film. JOHN OSBORNE who wrote LOOK BACK IN ANGER - a play about the lack of motivation and acedia in post colonial Britain, makes an appearance as the villain. He is a lousy actor but what does his presence in the film say about the directors intentions? The dinghy motel/house where JACK lives is a bit of a disappointment. It looked like a set. MICHAEL CAINE is fantastic. But the rest of the cast? unremarkable at best. The lady who played the owner at the motel was sexier than BRIT EKLAND and the other robotic looking female.

I am surprised nobody made a TV series based on this film. MIKE HODGES should have made a film based on Graham Greene's BRIGHTON ROCK. It was damn slow. But there are some terrific one liners. Some really moody scenes. I might read the novel. I watched it on a computer. I might love it if i saw it in a movie hall.


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