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John Hannah as Paul Brooks
Olivia Grant as Dr. Eve Gabriel
Amrita Acharia as Alexa Brooks
Ed Stoppard as President Pope
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rsvp321 1 / 10

Turn the sound off...and the video, only then will you enjoy this.

Captivating for the first five minutes, and rapidly downhill from there.

I watched it to the last minute only so I could fairly rate this stinker.

Rating: Stinker!

Reviewed by mick120359 6 / 10

not unsurprising

Considering that this film is a look at human nature with an AI humanoid made to help them, the ending is not a great surprise. quite predictable but also quite well made for a low budget film. It's a shame that although this is the first of a trilogy, I don't think that the second part will be made, let alone the third. (any film makers out there who want to prove me wrong, please go ahead and make part two, I for one will give it a watch.) The films views on how "humans" react to certain circumstances is fairly accurate which makes the whole story line believable. I feel that a higher budget would have helped, but overall it's worth a watch if you like this kind of film.

Reviewed by pietclausen 3 / 10


What a waste. The story looked promising and the trailer looked like a good sci-fi saga comprising 3 movies. But alas, this first installment was boring to watch, not even raising any excitement. The humans were rushing around, distrusting the civvies and going as far as trying to eliminate them.

No wonder the AI Robot had enough of this nonsense and set up the scene for the next installment. If it is actually going to be made, I won't be watching it.

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