Gate 2: The Trespassers


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 1448


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Abztraakt 5 / 10

Watchable if you're a fan of the first

While this movie could have been much better, it is what you might expect for a low budget sequel to a b-movie.

With that being said, I think the film recalls enough of the charm that made the first a borderline cult classic to hold the interest of those who were fans of the original. One returning character, one returning plot line, one returning minion.

So for fans, its a nice hidden rental when your Netlflix Que runs low on must-sees, especially if there other fans out they're like me who didn't even know there was a sequel. I happened to be looking to rent the original and saw this as well. It sat at the bottom of my list for a while but finally I decided to give it a chance and while not blow away, I was satisfied enough by the nostalgic cheesiness this film provided.

Reviewed by mtobin-2 7 / 10

Good Sequel!!

This deserves better than it's getting here! Anyone who's seen The Gate, also starring Louis Tripp, would agree. I looked a long time to find a copy of it and finally got one, very-well-used copy for more $$ than I care to spend on videos, but I paid it because I like to watch this movie a couple times a year, and video stores don't usually carry it. It's a solid 7 outta 10 in my book! Good chemistry among these young actors/actress! Nice, dark, creepy feel to the otherworldliness it depicts! Yeah, I like it a lot! So sue me!

Reviewed by roy-nicholas33 6 / 10

Led down the garden path...

The Gate II is just as good as the first in its own little way. It lacks the character build up and (if it where possible)the budget the original had, Yet it brings new depths with it in the introduction of 3 new teens.

I recently bought both The Gate I and II from an on-line auction and these are the original rental boxes and tapes which give you more feeling of the movie as it brings back the memories of watching them with your pals in the 80's and the shock and horror you felt when you first saw the monsters!

Back then the budget of the movie and the acting did not matter, As teen-ages all you wanted to see was the blood, Guts and gore. Now looking back as a more mature horror movie buff, These movies still have a magical feeling to them even if they do not have the fear factor of way back yonder. I love the old horror movies of the 80's, They played such a big part in a lot of teenage lads and lasses lives and this supper little number should be shown the respect it deserves.

In my view this movie just for the sake of the fun factor should be given an 8/10. Get your hands on a copy of them both if you can and enjoy the memories!

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