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Reviewed by garycook03 8 / 10

Gazza the Legend

@ATEreviews from United Kingdom ....and even Jose Mourinho (for some unknown reason?)

Seriously?? Mourinho is famous for shouting to Gazza after an Everton game and shouting out loudly in the tunnel "Special One" to which Gazza argued, in Gazza's special way that he wasn't and Mourinho was. Anyway, banter followed and its quite a famous story so your review is uneducated and lame. ATEreviews needs new reviewers.

I was 19 in 1990 and enjoyed the 82 and 86 World Cups in equal heartbreak but 1990 saw English football put back on the map after Heysel and Hillsborough etc. Gazza changed the face of English football and he alone, in my opinion should take credit for changing the way we see the game for the last 2y years since Italia 90. A quarter of a million people lined the streets of Luton upon there return in 1990. Imagine if we had won!

Shame we have no one with the skill, charisma or just plain fun factor to make sure our boys away for 5 weeks every 4 years can make sure we have the team we had in 1990.

Edit...Just wanna add 1996 also. The year football came home

Reviewed by davidobrien1995 8 / 10

FANTASTIC insight into one of England's greatest ever footballers.

Now a days when we hear the name 'Paul Gascoigne' buzz words enter our head to fit the meaning of that name. Words such as "druggie, alcoholic, mad, crazy, and legend". Although he made his mistakes in the past, like anybody else, we should all never forget the amazing footballer he once was.

I personally think director Jane Preston has done a wonderful job in this documentary by making us all remember the heroics on and off the pitch of the legend that is, Paul Gascoigne. With fitting tributes in this feature by the likes Gary Lineker, José Mourinho and Wayne Rooney all sharing their admiration of the talent Gazza is.

Gascoigne talks to the camera for the majority of this documentary as he speaks joyfully, fondly, happily and at times emotionally about his career. If you are a fan of football, a fan of Paul Gascoigne, a fan of sporting heroes, then I ensure you, this is a must-watch for you.

Reviewed by valleyjohn 6 / 10

Not bad at all

This is an enjoyable documentary about the genius footballer that is Paul Gascoigne. It's great to see him in a good place at the moment and he looks happy in the film. It's not groundbreaking. You are not going hear or see anything you haven't before and he doesn't get into the personal side of his life too much but if you wan't a historical account of his life , with some great footage , from the man who knows best - this is it. There are vox pops with José Mourinho ( not sure why ) , Gary Lineker and Wayne Rooney and the close up shots of them are slightly distracting but it's Paul you really wan't to hear from . 6 out of 10

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